Monday, September 2, 2013

Pull the trigger!

I have the BEST FRIENDS!!! On Saturday I was out visiting some of our local Estate Sales and visiting the Home Depot and Lowes and upon my return home, look what I found....

Not only was this a much needed and much appreciated gift but I had just ran out of various restaurant napkins!  We are living LARGE now!  We have a luxury toilet and luxury toilet paper and a very cool toilet paper holder!  I'm so excited!!!  Thank you Nancy... you are always doing the nicest thing for Martha and me!  While I'm handing out the "thanks", I better remember to thank Blake for helping me with my ginormous estate sale find... This weekend was such a treasure trove of finds and when we stumbled upon this one I called George.  We have an unspoken deal with me and estate sales...I spend a reasonable amount of money hunting for treasures and he doesn't ever complain or get upset when I come home with more china (that is a bit of an issue for me) but when the purchase is a BIG one...I think it's a good idea to include him in the decision...especially when I'm going to need him to help me unload the purchase!  So I called him and started the conversation with..."Hi HONEY, I LOVE YOU!"  He just started laughing and said "What have you done now?"  I started giggling. "Well, I'm at this sale and there are 10, yes I said 10, large cement  urns with these metal topiairies and light strands running through them and I think they would look marvelous going down the driveway."  I waited and waited and he finally said..."How much?"  I felt like candy coating this wouldn't work so well so I just came out with it... $40.00 a piece!  He asked if I thought they could do a little better on the price and so I ran over and asked and she said...If I bought all 10  of them I could have them for $300.00 so I ran into a bush for a private conversation and he said "Do you love them?  If you do...PULL THE TRIGGER!" OMG, you could knock me over with a feather.  So my friend Blake helped me load these thing into the truck and at 80 lbs each, this was no easy task! My pictures of this are loading so I'm going to move along and try to get them in later.  If not, I'll take some with my camera today... They are AMAZING!
So I'm sure you're wondering how I got anything done when I'm out at estate sales but believe you me, I got some things done!  Actually, I stayed up on Saturday night until 5:30 am and then headed home. Let's see what is going on...
This is how it was...

This is how it looked with the plastic tub surround ripped off

This is the new shower backer board

Starting the tiling

Shower TILED!!!
So the shower is completely tiled and I must say that I even amazed myself with a couple of the cuts.  I get to grout it today so it will look even better!  I've got mud in all the holes on the walls and I've got to sand and put some more tiles on the one wall and then I'll start painting!  I am so excited to see this come to fruition!  I really do have a place for you to go the bathroom!  I mean it's real! It's not a bucket and it's not all funky and it's divine!  And to think... I've only got 4 more bathrooms to do!  LOL... LOL... omg.... don't think about it that way! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Okay, no timelines... but, I think this room will be completely done by Wednesday night!  Just sayin' ....
So I've got to get back at it... so much more to show you but I think George just started the truck!
Thanks for checking in on us.
Martha says Hello.

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