Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'd like to thank the Academy...

I would like to Thank the Academy for this award.  This is my first time receiving the award for The most awesome and wonderful bathroom transformation and I am speechless!  A lot of hard work went into this event and I'd like to thank all the other people who helped me with this...oh wait, there is just me...nevermind.

Let's have a look shall we?

Here is the BEFORE...                                                      Here is the AFTER...

 New lights... hotel shower curtain rod that pull the curtain out so it doesn't touch you!!! New Sink, new toilet and MORE!!!

                                               Fun bucket to hold necessary items!!

                   Inside the medicine cabinet... I need to get another glass shelf but it is super fun!!!

Are you feeling dirty?  Why not take a SHOWER in this lovely area?  LOL LOL LOL... I feel dirty!  LOL. So there you have it.  George says I can't accept the award yet because I still have finishing touches to do and I will get those done today...but, I needed the award as a Pick-Me-Up and so I graciously accept.  Today will be spent, getting the mess cleaned up, finishing touches and moving on to the bedroom that accompanies this room and the butler's pantry...oh oh oh AND I will be bringing some of my roommates over to Martha today... that's right, my roommates will move in before I do!!!  More on that tomorrow... I hope you have a wonderful weekend and carve some time out for yourself and your chi.
Thanks for checking in on us...

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blake said...

It looks stunning. You have done a great job. can't wait to stop over and see it in person.