Sunday, August 11, 2013

Who's a sleepy head ?

Well Happy Sunday  morning...almost afternoon!  I can't believe that I slept in until 10:30 this  morning!!!  OMG, that is crazy.  It has finally dawned on me to listen to my body and if sleeps that long, I must of needed it and let me tell you that it feels good to awake un-tired. (Don't you  love it when I make up my own words?) I'm untired. LOL LOL LOL.

Here's what's been happening while you were sleeping... The "Lounge" is almost ready to be painted.  I've sanded all the trim, removed the dreaded windows (pushed those on to George) removed all the bad paint on the window ledges...HEAT GUN...put layer one of the mud on the walls where they, once again, had been poorly treated and removed the paint from all three doors!  This is the smallest bedroom in the house and it has 3 doors!!! I am just floored by how crazy it is to have so many windows and doors in a house.  Did I tell you that this house has 64  windows in it?  Yes, I said 64!  That is just nuts... it also has 29 doors!!!  How many doors are in your house?  Doesn't that seem a bit much?  Not to mention that most of the doors are 6 panels and 8' tall!  2 of the pocket doors are 7' wide!  Anyway... Oddly enough, 3 doors in this room all have different hardware so I'm back to cooking them and sanding them and polishing them as well.  I will admit here that I love to polish them.  It's a mindless chore and the results are so awesome!  LOOK



So much better without paint on it!

All polished and ready to go back on the door, once the door is done of course!

Super shiny

One polished and one not!

yucky again!

I've learned to wear gloves!

Who knew there were pretty decorations on this one too!
So I know it's boring just looking at door knobs but you can't deny that they are pretty and they make a door so lovely!  I sometimes wonder if it seems like a time waster and then I see one done and I know that it's not.  It is the little things that make a big impression.

Back to the Lounge... remember the Trundle Couch...?
Nice "regular" couch...

Isn't it wonderful!!!???!!!  I Love Love Love it!  It is so "Lounge-ish"  I've already had a nap or two on this beauty.  I can't wait to see her in the room when it's all done.  Speaking of that, I have to go get back at it... Today's plan - Go buy a new sander...I've burnt out two...oh yeah and a coffee pot, mine conked out this morning!  Then finish sanding the floor, second coat of mud on wall holes, remove the wallpaper boarder (the 80's called, they want it back)  wash down everything and tomorrow night I should, I SAID SHOULD, be ready to paint the ceiling, walls and trim!  OMG... by next Friday, I could have 2 rooms done!

Gotta get going... to get it going.
Thanks for checking in on us.
Talk soon,

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