Friday, August 9, 2013

Lost in Space...

Trying to pick up where I left off has been harder than I thought...every day brings news changes, new plans, new challenges.  I have stated from the start that I knew this was going to be a long ride and it wouldn't always be easy... (understatement) but I know that in the end, it will all be worth it.  I still feel that way and now I'm just more determined to do better and do it as right as I can do it. (that means it might not always be the way the pros do it...but a way that works for me) It really does offer lots of growth opportunity... LOTS.

Back to Sunday, Miles and George were recovering from a day of yard work and desk installation... I made a huge brunch and Madison and Drew arrived with Maebe in tow.  We had a nice time and then I said it was time to get to work!  "Madison and Miles, I need you to go upstairs and get all the things you want to keep out of the storage closets and all your junk out as well!" In my mind, the 3rd floor would be empty and I could vacuum it and it would be sparkly!"  2 hours later, Madison is chasing Miles screaming... "NO... give me that back!"  They both are laughing and giggling and teasing each other and the room looks like a bomb went off! Each one is teasing the other about 5th and 6th grade sports pictures and old school photos... Oh the memories... Oh Your MOTHer is GoInG to BLOW!!!  Better run for cover! LOL... not really that bad but nothing like I planned.  We finally got a couple loads moved over to Martha, which I must disclose Madison doesn't like her name, so I will make sure I use it with a great frequency from here on.  We unloaded and then we actually set up a table on the front porch and had dinner there!!!  Another first! So So FUN!

Let's look at some snaps...

Showing you this because my latest move of awesome-ness is in it!  Remember how I said we were just going to carpet the floor because it had bad spots?  Well, not now!  Here's the scoop, 3/4 of the floor is hardwood and at some time in Martha's past, something bad happened and there is plywood down on that section.  It measures approximately 14 x 7 plywood and 14 x 10 hardwood.  I couldn't make the carpet cover the whole section...George suggested getting some linoleum for that area but I couldn't find any that I liked... I kept thinking... I wanted it to be hardwood but that's not in the budget... What if I could make it look like hardwood...???  Tada!

So I taped it off, used a dark stain in the open areas, took the tape off and stained it in a lighter color and then added a few "spots" for realism and waited... The real test would happen when other people looked at it... or actually, if they didn't notice it!  That's what I wanted.... I wanted people to not say anything because it looked like the floor and it's just a floor!  So I waited... and waited... and when we went over Monday night, I told George to come to the office.  He looked around and looked around and said he like the pictures and then he said... "Yeah, it looks good."  He never said a word about the floor!  I couldn't stop my self... "GEORGE!!! What about the floor?"  I could tell he just remembered what it looked like before and then he got down on his knees and started checking it out.  He couldn't believe it.  He said that I had finally done something he never would have thought of and that it was a DIY project I should send in to the tv shows.  That's a huge complement coming from him.

You can see it a bit better there.  It's not perfect and I don't know how it will wear but I am really excited to have a project that worked!  So, I'm happy to say that this is my favorite room in the house right now and I love to go take my "breaks" in my new office.

We've moved on to the "Lounge Suite" this week.  This is the room known formally as Bedroom #2 and it has a connecting pass thru to the master bedroom so we are going to use it as the "Lounge" area of our bedroom. The pass thru has a door on both sides and  that will house a min-bar and coffee station with a little frig and a wall of small shelves behind it to hold trinkets and treasures.  This way if George wants to watch the telly and I want to read he can be in the lounge and I can be in the sleeping area.  LOL LOL  The best part so far is I really really wanted to find a trundle bed for the lounge so when we have lots of visitors we could pull it out and have room for two in that room.  But I got something even better...OMG, I found the coolest Trundle Couch!  Seriously.  I've never even heard of a trundle couch.  Don't be mad, my camera battery went out so I don't have a picture but I will take some tonight and get you all caught up in the morning.

I've not been blogging so much this week because it's been crazy with work and going to work on Martha and I've just become exhausted.  I actually fell asleep on the trundle couch and woke up at 4 am and drove home.  I'll do better this week, promise.  Thanks for checking up on us.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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