Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1 down, 19 more to go!

We are proud to announce a "Mostly Complete Room
Name - Cherie's Office/Bedroom #5
Formal Name From Blue Print - Linen & Storage Room
"Mostly" Completed on August 5, 2013
Time - 11:45pm
The proud parents are Cherie and George Grifo.
They will be receiving guest to meet the new room via appointment only!  LOL LOL 

Okay, you'll only have to read 19 more of these room announcements!  When I say "Mostly Complete" I mean that the room is as done as it's going to get at this time.  We still have our house "staged" with our furniture and wall stuff so it's hard to get the entire feel for the room until I am able to get everything over to Martha.  That makes me sorta sad but there's not much I can do about it until we sell the Harvard House.  On that note, I got to spend some time packing more things this past weekend but better than that, our kids came home for visits!  I was so excited because this was not even planned.  They both called at random times last week and said they were heading home to see us!  Now, knowing me as you do, my mind was rolling with the wonderful thought that they'd be able to CLEAR OUT ALL THEIR STUFF! Not only would I not have to pack it, I wouldn't have to move it and it would help the Harvard house look less cluttered.  This was a JACKPOT!  
Miles got here on Friday evening and I was quick to give him a tour. George mentioned that he could use some help with the yard and Miles quickly offered that the lawn wasn't so big and he'd be happy to mow it tomorrow...Flash to Saturday..."OMG Mom!  The yard is WAY bigger that I thought it was!"  LOL... it is and IT IS! LOL LOL LOL!  Thank you Miles.
Back to Friday evening, again because Miles was here, I thought it'd be a perfect time to run over to the store and pick up the Quartz Counter I was buying for my desk!  I say a perfect time because I tried to pick up the quartz and I couldn't even budge it.  It's 7 feet long and 26" wide so you might be able to imagine how heavy it is.  George met us at the store and I showed him the counter, he gave me the "roll of the eyes" and the "pssshhh, that ain't no thing" look.  I just shook my head...MEN!  Then I ran over to the counter and asked to borrow a cart.  George said they didn't need a cart, "Just back the truck up to the pickup area and we'll carry it from here."  Please imagine my glee when he yelled at me to "GET THE CART!"  
Hmmmm.... hmmmm...

Look how pretty!  Black and Grey and White!  Just the colors of my design pallet ascetics for this room!  PERFECT!  I love love love this new desktop!  LOOK...

Here are a few more shots of the room...

Notice the very cool wall sconce... I installed that myself!

I'm a big card/letter writer.  This is where all those will be written.

  Now remember, I still have other wall art and stuff to hang up and I still have a filing cabinet to bring over along with my desk chair.  But I do want to tell you that the room feels so happy and it's so fun to sit in and just get the vibe... I love it I love it I love it!  What do you think?  

Lots more to tell you about... Madison, Drew and Maebe arrived on Sunday and I'll catch you up on that next blog...it might overwhelm you if you see all the stuff at once. ROFL...
Thanks for stopping by.

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