Sunday, August 4, 2013

Some News Has Come In...

I'm going to go a bit off the deep end here and ask if any of you have ever read Dr. Seuss's The Sleep Book?  The reason I ask is because I have a tape running through my head of one of the lines in the book... it says "Some news has come in from the Valley of Keck where a small bug by the name of Van Vleck is yawning so wide you can see down his neck."  All day long while things are happening to Martha, I keep thinking...Oh this is NEWS... and then I say to myself, "And now some news has come in from the Valley of Keck where Cherie has found Martha's lastest trick-et...."  and then I just keep laughing.  But seriously, SOME NEWS HAS COME IN...and I think you're gonna want to know.

I know that I am supposed to stay on course, in just one area, but the kitchen has been calling me over and over and it's getting louder.  I have plans laid out but they continue to morph and then morph into something else.  I have a door that opens into the kitchen from the bathroom... Don't like that, am not happy about that, keeps bothering me.  The same wall needs to give me about 8 more inches to make my cabinets fit.  Ponder, ponder...I also don't like that the door does NOT open all the way because it hits the toilet.  That's just not right!  Everyday I rehash this dilemma. Here's what I'm talking about...

Here's where the door won't open all the way... This was before the demo but it shows how the door won't open all the way.  That's also a small radiator in that cut out.

This is inside the bathroom and before the demo... but you see how it is.

And now for the news...with some inspection... and looking at the old blue prints, I realize that this originally was The Ice Room.  The room where ice got delivered, before the days of refrigerators. Let's move to the other room...that backs up against this...

The far right hand corner is the other side of the bathroom/ice room.
Here is the news!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG!  They covered the door opening with the door still in place and the window is in perfect shape!!! I now can have a new entry to the bathroom eliminating the "directly into the the kitchen from the bathroom" walk, gives me the 8 inches plus more for my cabinets, and now the door won't hit the toilet!  This is news people!  I say NEWS!

More news...

Pieces and Parts with paint and yuck all over them.

Remember the window hardware?  Here it is boiling on the stove.

All the paint gone, now time to polish!

Another piece ready for polishing.

LOOK!!! PrEtTY!!!!

Most of the paint is gone but needs some polishing.

LOOK!  All polished!

George's new Shop Area!

George posing for the camera.

So that's some big news that is exciting and adds more changing... editing... and tweaking. I hope you're excited.  I know I am.
Check back soon for more news coming in...

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