Friday, August 2, 2013

Just when you thought it was over...

So it's that time again, that delicious time when I ramble on about life and its special ways of smacking you in the face and telling you that you just aren't as wonderful as you thought you were...or wait... it's not life telling me that!  No NO NO... it's my husband telling me that.
(Side note - (this means words of wisdom from yours truly) When you've been with your significant other for a period that has past the "I am so crazy about this guy/girl and I will never ever not be totally in love and think that they are the most wonderful person in the world and I can't breathe when I'm around them...blah blah blah" you reach the point where that significant person can say "Hmmmm, it looks pretty good." Which you know means... it's alright but...fill in the blank. Be forewarned, THIS WILL HAPPEN AND IT WON'T BE JUST ONCE OR TWICE and I should confess that I may have done that a time or two myself.)
So I let out a heavy sigh and say "What's wrong?"  He goes on to point out the things he likes and then he points to the windows!  NO NO NO... NOT THE WINDOWS. OMG, they have been nothing but grief and bloodshed to me.  "What's wrong with the windows George?"  "Oh nothing is wrong with them.  They look great BUT I just think that you put all that time into them and all that work and then you didn't take off all the hardware and make them look new.  Just sayin'. "
This is how it works.  If he says that to me, he knows it will bother me until I die and I can't have anything else nagging me in my "silent to-do list" that runs in my head 24/7.  I'm so discouraged and I take 15 minutes to sit and look at the windows... once again, he is right.  All that work and this is pulling it down.  As he walks out of the room, he just says casually, "Oh yeah, I'd also take the hardware of the closet door and clean that too.  It'll really bring up the look."  I'm going to kill him.  He runs and is laughing his head off.  THAT MAN!!!

So here!  Are you happy now???  It only took 2 hours to get all of the hardware off the windows and the cabinet and now I have to re-sand the area and repaint it and then put the clean hardware back on!  Did I say that I am SO done with working on the windows?  UGH!

On a lovelier note, let's see up new snaps of more additions to the room, shall we?

Remember this....

and now that corner looks like this...

And here is a little table

and here are some curtains...

and here is my Mantra

this is her whole

and here we have another window with curtain.

and here is my Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil...(describes me to a tee!) girl. She was a birthday gift a few years ago and I like her better inside the house instead of outside! BALANCE is what it is all about!

With that said, I've bored you long enough.  Thanks for stopping by.  Martha says she's too busy to talk right now....she's glamming up!  LOL

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