Monday, August 12, 2013

Forest for the trees

So once again, I am thrilled to tell you about a new discovery!  Yesterday I got a little later start than I had planned  but I wasn't worried, I'm not doing the timeline thing George went to visit some friends for the day and I had the entire day to myself!  Love those days.  Had to do a little pot, sander, trinkets etc. and I relished my "schedule-free" time.  Even browsed around for something that might catch my eye...maybe found a thing or two for Martha. : )   Back to work!
You know me and those crazy blue prints, so while I was having my lunch on the porch, I was reading them again and realized that I wasn't having lunch on the PORCH, I was having lunch on the VERANDA!  OMG... I LOVE THAT WORD!  I'm going to try to remember to call it that instead of the "P" word... it may seem a bit pretentious but that's what it's called so that's what I'm calling it!
This is from "Back in the Day"...
 This is not the most recent snap I have of "my veranda" but it's the only one I can find right now...

And as shocking as it may seem, the correct name isn't my big news for today!!!  It's just some fun news for today... the big news is this... I've done one room, worked for 2 weeks in it, painted the radiator, painted the radiator cover and finally painted the radiator feet and rings and never even looked at it.  Do you know what I mean?  Of course I looked at it, I painted the darn thing, but I never LOOKED at it.  So last night I was waiting for the floor to dry so I could stain it and I was sitting in the hallway looking into the "Lounge" -(Side note - "That's as much fun as waiting for paint to dry."  LOL LOL... I'm cracking myself up!)  I'm visually going over all the things I've done, trying to make sure I didn't miss anything so I could start painting Tuesday night and I LOOK at the radiator.  It's beautiful.  I mean, OMG Beautiful.  It has all these lovely flowers running down the sides and it's quite ornate.

I think they are poppies but I am not sure of that and they are on each and every fold of the radiator.  That is so much work!  Can you imagine?  Now I'm mad at myself for not looking at the one in my office.  I get up and run back there to see what they are and it's a different flower!  Now I'm on a mission.  I visit each bedroom and each one is a different flower!  OMG... I was too flummoxed to remember to take pictures of all of them but I started giggling and I couldn't stop!  I bet I was seriously laughing out loud with myself for 10 minutes.  What a treat.  What a wonderful find.   I will do a much better job cleaning and painting the radiators from here on.  Such a "non thing" with so much beauty attached.  I never even saw the radiators for the beauty they are...I completely overlooked them and just saw them as a thing.  They are seriously pieces of ART and I have lots of "pieces of ART" in Martha!

How does that saying go..."you can't see the forest for the trees" ?  Well you can't see the artwork for the radiator...No, that doesn't quite work.  Please come up with a better one for me...I'll use it.  Tonight I am hosting our annual Book Club Selection Party and I am doing so on the Veranda!  I'll try to remember to get some good snaps and I'll share tomorrow.  Seriously, I'm hosting a party at Martha and treating it like a picnic - outdoors, no water, no bathrooms, serious fun!  Hope it turns out that way!
Thanks for checking in on us.

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