Thursday, August 15, 2013

Her Candle....

As it turned out, she always knew her candle burned at both ends.  She liked it that way.  She was much more comfortable that way.  It suited her.  (I'm referring to myself in third person, to change it up a bit and to make myself giggle...because I could use a good giggle today) What she didn't think about was that eventually the ends will meet and then you are burned out but she was not your average bear, she just went to the candle store, bought a bulk lot and lit a new one.  

So I'm back with more wonderful and interesting stories to share and let me say, I look marvelous!  You can't believe what spending every waking minute, going full speed ahead can do for you!  I've got a new candle and it's burning baby... buRNING! My 9-5 job is hitting crazy busy time of year and the second I'm done I head to Martha.  I love saying "I'm heading over to Martha!" (I also say it with my British accent and I do believe that helps) My fingernails are dirty even after I shower, I have paint on all parts of my body even after I shower, after sanding the floor when I saw my hair I burst out laughing because it was completely white-ish and wood stain isn't just for wood, it stains and stays anywhere you get it on your body like a new brown tattoo.  I also should mention that I wear gloves when I use stripper on hardware and then I touch my face and chin and now I have burns on both!  I'm telling you ... MARVELOUS!

To fill you in, I'm working on the "Lounge" part of the Bedroom Suite and I am happy to report that it should be done on Friday night at midnight.  Not that I'm following a time line or setting a deadline, just feels like that's when it'll be done.  Do I have pictures... .uhmmmm,,,,,,, ohhhhhh..... where's the camera?  Uh oh.
Let's see what else I can show you...

Here's the room with the walls mudded.

Here's the floor sanded...ohhh also look at the door.  They have 2 or 3 locks, and locking handles on every door on the second floor!!! I'm plugging those holes,sanding and staining or painting depending on the what it's already got on it!

Window stripped of 8 layers of multi colored paint 

Cool round wall... sanding the trim...YUCK!

More mudded walls.
Yeah, I know... doesn't look like much...but just you wait for Friday's post!!!  You've never seen a Bedroom Lounge Suite like this!!!  Let the awards start streaming in!  Remember, I had book club on Monday night so I couldn't work on Martha but I did host a party on the VERANDA!  I told the ladies they'd have to think of it more like a picnic than our usual gathering and they all came through like champs.
Here are some fun snaps of the group!

Sitting down for dinner

Defending your book selection!

Eating and discussing

11 Women still not using all the space on the VERANDA!

Reading glasses passed around....getting serious now.

We chose your book!!! Excitement!!!

I love this picture for 2 reasons - One -  look at the sky and the moon!  Two - Look at Lauris's face!  LMAO...OMG.... She is serious!

Becky looks like she's in purgatory and Mare looks like she sent her there!  LOL

LOVE LOVE LOVE that sky!!!
Well, that's a lot of snaps and as much of an update as I can give at this time.
Thanks for checking in on us... Get ready for Friday's Reveal... it's gonna be AMAZING!

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Maresy said...

Here for 1st time ! Amazing!! Didn't even see you taking pics at book group. Waiting patiently since midnight - up all night really - for those pictures of the lounge - sooooooo tired... Going to bed . Lmao