Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday is the new Friday!

Guess what?  Sunday is the new Friday!  I know I said that I would reveal "The Lounge" after Friday night at midnight...and here it is Sunday night and I've yet to reveal anything!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... it was just that kind of weekend.  Actually, it was a weekend like I've not had since we've bought Martha.  I swear that I had every intention of finishing on Friday night but George said "NO".  He wanted some attention and wanted to give me some attention so I closed up early and we went out to dinner and I actually went to bed BEFORE midnight!  (That's crazy talk!)  Saturday morning was spent with my sister, visiting Estate Sales where we got some WONDERFUL'll see some in my snaps tonight!  The rest of the afternoon I tried to get the room done and it wasn't happening... so without further ado... Let's see what we've got here...

Starting the paint job... The color is Seedling Moss and it is such a soft green. LOVE IT!

Look at the ceiling fan!  HIDEOUS!!! 

 And NOW... Forewarning... the Lounge is not completely done...but it's not far from done! The feel for the room is "Hopper-esque" The Hopper painting NIGHTHAWKS is the focal piece and it's not up yet because of a framing issue but I hope to get it finished tomorrow night...sooooooooo.....

Small Hopper Prints

New wall sconces... that yours truly installed!

Close up

Old fan...that sorta was hanging on one side...
New fan...that took me 3 hours to install!

 So I forgot how much I dislike installing ceiling fans.  I love their function but putting them together and then working with old wiring is a HUGE PAIN IN THE @#$%.  That said, I love the new fan and after I did a few Tai Chi moves and some "Open & Close" movements, I was able to return to the fan and the wiring as a much calmer and centered Project Manager.  I can now state that I changed two wall plugs, installed two new wall sconces and a new ceiling fan...making me feel like a true apprentice electrician.  Seriously, I am feeling a bit more confident in my electrical work... that might be dangerous!!!  LOL...

Love this old slide holder box...the drawers are metal !
Beautiful Radiator  

Hello Lounge of the Year!!!

 So I still have to hang the curtains, install the tie backs get all the door hardware back on and then a few other loose ends... but I totally feel the vibe of this room... LOUNGE... LOUNGE AROUND... HAVE A SEAT AND ENJOY A BEVERAGE IN THE LOUNGE!  Are you getting the vibe?  What do you think? I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the round wall!!!  Promise to get those for tomorrow's blog.  Hope you enjoyed this reveal... #2 is almost DONE and I'm moving on to the main floor bathroom...because.... H E L L O.... the plumber starts this week!!!  OMG... OMG... we are gonna have running water and a place to go bathroom other than a bucket!!!  So ExciTed... So Happy!!!
Thanks for checking in on us.

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