Tuesday, August 20, 2013

By the yard...

Let's take a walk... that's right... let's go outside for a minute and see what's going on with George and the yard. He's been working out there trying to tame the yard. You have to remember that Martha was empty for almost 16 months and I'm not sure that the last inhabitants were "yard people" so it really needs some major work ( just like the rest of the house ) I took these pictures Sunday evening around dusk...my favorite time of day.  George had been ripping, cutting, pruning and fighting with a literal wall of shrubs and trees and his work makes such a difference.

Below is the before picture... and I must remember to tell you that last time Miles was home he hacked away at this too!  It's been a monster but we are beginning to get a grasp on it...

After... we didn't even know there was an edge

My absolute favorite Holiday decor is holly.  For the past 5 or 6 years, I've made George go out into the boulevard and cut some from a big bush and I use it everywhere.  Now I have 5 of my own bushes and I can not wait to get out there and clip away!  Just imagine....ooooohhhhhhh!
Now remember when the other side of the driveway looked like this???

Well....now look!

This is the bench we didn't even know we had... Someone also really liked to paint the rocks white!  I know I've mentioned that  before but ...ugh, I had no idea there were so many... luckily, we found a few that weren't painted.

Again... it's not perfect but it's very nice to see what it will be some day! There are so many options...so many things we can do...it's better than a blank canvas.  Martha just keeps amazing me.
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