Monday, July 15, 2013

A yard is a Yard

So many thoughts going on in this crazy head, I think I need to record my thoughts when I have them so I can remember to tell you next time...but for now here's what's going on... yesterday I needed to do some outside work because that is actually change you can see!

The front of Martha has such wonderful curb appeal and once we dig into this yard, wonderful will be just a "light" adjective.  My current plans are to at the very least beat the weeds back into submission and get the yard to look like we actually care because right now it looks like "We don't do yard work!" (say that with a southern accent) 

As you can see, we have some great Boxwoods and a few varieties of Hydrangeas and a few other interesting shrubbery picks and for the time being, I will work with them instead of against them.  When I am doing an area in the yard, I like to use the edger to cut the lines so you can see a definite start and stop.  When I say that "I" like to use the edger, I really mean that I like to have George use the edger and I watch and then I make it pretty... LOL.  Well today, I used the edger and now you will see why I like George to use the edger...


I just want to say here and now...this is the DIRTIEST I have ever been!  OMG...that this sprays dirt at you...these pictures were after I washed my face so I could see because there was so much dirt on my face that I couldn't open my mouth (don't say it) or my eyes....but it was well worth it... LOOK.

Hard to believe that that took 10 hours of work but that's what it was....1 hour in Home Depot...9 hours in the yard... Just keeping you up on Martha's latest... Thanks for dropping by.  Keep watching for new and exciting changes.  Thanks for all your supportive cheers and questions.  

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