Sunday, July 14, 2013

Okay Okay Okay!!!

So I've been notified that I need to blog even the mundane!  Boy, I had no idea.  I've been super busy and working from start to stop but for the last few days I've had to work on getting our home for sale and that has been ...not as fun as working on Martha... and even a bit sad.  As you might imagine, this roller coaster ride is in full gear.  Everyday I find myself, Tired, Full of Energy, Happy, Sad, Silly, Serious (only when I talk to the plumber)  and I am amazed at the range of these emotions.  So, without further ado, here's my latest update...

Our Harvard House

That is the video our Realtor put together... so if you know anyone that's interested...let me know!  :)
Moving on... just because I haven't been to Martha every night doesn't mean changes haven't been happening!  On the contrary!  We hired a pair of very interesting brothers to finish the demo because the dumpster is leaving on Monday!!!  I am very happy to report that the dumpster is completely filled to the brim and we are going to finish demo today!!!   Here are a few of the major changes...
This is the kitchen, remember the "apple floor"... if you're wondering... this is a HARDWOOD FLOOR!!!

This is the Butler's Pantry... look, no more bottom cupboards and this is a HARDWOOD FLOOR!!!

Another view of the kitchen... HARDWOOD FLOOR!!!!

This is part of the "back kitchen" and I am so happy to report, we are keeping this floor the RED SCUFFED UP FLOOR!  VERY FRENCH COUNTRY MEETS URBAN HOLLYWOOD REGENCY!

This is George's den and again... HARDWOOD FLOOR!!! Sorta blurry, I had a beverage or two when I took this...c'mon, it was 2:15am on a Saturday night!

So here's what I've learn today, planning is wonderful.  Planning is necessary.  Planning is open to CHANGE!  For more than 3 weeks, I've been trying to figure out what type of flooring we would use in these four rooms because they flow into each other and needed to tie together.  After hours of  "planning", I decided on a porcelain tile that was 6 x 24 inches long and looked like wood and would be very cool.  I wasn't thrilled with it but I knew it would look good and allow the house to hold on to some of it's vibe.  Martha's got a real vibe, let me tell you!  It would have cost around $2900.00 for the tile and the mastic, grout, etc.  Not bad but not wonderful.  Necessary and needed...but wait... when you get to the bottom and find REAL HARDWOOD FLOORS (say it like you're talking to a person that's hard of hearing) you change your PLANS!  OMG OMG OMG.... I can't begin to express how happy I am to find that these floors are in good enough shape that we will sand them down to their lovelyness and stain them and be walking on Martha's real bones.   Plans change.

I know flooring may seem boring...and not exactly what you were hoping to read about but if you recall, these four rooms, had 4 layers of flooring on them... Let's review, the bad fake wood flooring... The rubber matting, the roll of apple laminate, the maggot filled square tiles (seriously, there were maggots and other grossness that words can not describe and the smell...OMG...) and then the alligator skin square tiles. oooooooooooohhhhhh.  I dumped 2 gallons of bleach on in between layers 2 and 3 before moving on because the smell of it all was killing me.  Then I got BURNED BLEACH EYES, which is something I will allow you to miss.UGH.  But now we have the flooring we have decided on...and it's HARDWOOD!  LOL... I couldn't be happier.  Martha couldn't be happier.  George is even happier!

Lots more to share but I've got to get over there and get busy wrapping up the demo!  I will post more this evening, unless I pass out.
Thanks for all your great comments and willingness to take this journey with us.  Martha says HI!


Anonymous said...

There's a product called "Nature's Miracle" that is amazing at getting rid of all sorts of stink; put it in one of those lawn-and-garden pump sprayers and mist it on. Not cheap, but not too expensive considering how well it works. I bought it at Anderson's, other places might have it. (Linda M.)

Anonymous said...

It seems that Martha's wish for you is to have a beautiful home. She just has some beautiful elements hidden. Enjoy your journey. Donna (Drew's mom)