Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The DEMO is DONE!!!

Yesterday was bitter sweet as we said goodbye to our latest friend...The Dumpster!  Yes, you might shed a slight tear as you fondly bid him adieu... He was only here for 14 days but he will stay in our hearts forever.

I will always remember how he would hold anything I threw at him...how he smelled like mold and mildew mixed with the scent of rotten fish...how all the bad parts of Martha went in him and then he left so we would have to be reminded of how bad it really was. I loved that dumpster!  He will be missed but we now move on to the next chapter... The Good Stuff!

As I was scrolling thru the pictures I realized that some of the demo work really doesn't make the room look "better"...but if you were here you would say that it does look so much better because the smell and the dirt and the yuck are removed, which is something the camera does not capture.

So now we will do a brief recap of what got demo-ed.

  1. Carpet removed in living room, dining room, library, den, back staircase, hallway, all 5 bedrooms.
  2. 4 layers of flooring from the kitchen, summer kitchen, butlers pantry,
  3. 2 layers of flooring removed from sewing/craft room, laundry room, basement hallway.
  4. Complete gut of the kitchen - the room is completely empty
  5. Bottom cabinets and counter in the butler's pantry - GONE
  6. Drop ceiling removed from the family room, sewing room and game room
  7. Broken windows and bad frames GONE
  8. The "bar" and it's cabinets from the sewing/craft room
  9. The waste stack covering (first layer - a lovely gold curtain wrapped around it, second layer - fiberglass insulation, third layer - plastic drycleaner bags - 19 to be precise)
  10. Basement bathroom - Complete GUT including the walls and ceiling
  11. Main floor bathroom - Flooring (4 layers) toilet and sink and cabinet
I'm sure there are things I've forgotten but you get the idea... Martha is ready for lovely-ness.  And if you are chuckling to yourself...ha ha ha ha...Cherie has no idea how much more she has in store...You would be wrong... I know there are things that have to be more demo-ed... is that a word? Further demo-ed?  Whatever, I know I know... but the main chunk of the demo is DONE!  

Let's look shall we?

So there are a few of the changes... I will get more snaps tonight to show you the other changes.  Meanwhile, try to stay cool and think of good things and happy thoughts and a shout out to my sister who is in Africa right now... She put up the sweetest snap of herself with a bunch of darling children...I've never seen her look like that...so happy ... so happy..I keep thinking of it while I'm working on the house... so happy ... so happy.


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