Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Let the Bidding Wars Begin!

So here we are... my fear that you think I'm not working hard enough or getting enough done and wondering..."What the hell is Cherie doing?  Eating bonbons all day, lying on the couch watching Love It or List It, How long could it take to paint a little, tiny built in wall cabinet?  C'mon, get busy... get something done!!!!"  Please Please let me explain...
As the PROJECT MANAGER my plan for this is to try and stay on track in one room...and then the problems begin...for some reason, I keep finding things that are "shiny" and pulling me away.  Tonight was different... I stayed on track and look what I have to show for it!

Inside the "office" cabinet - BEFORE

More inside the cabinet - BEFORE

With the doors shut - BEFORE

So here's how it takes so long... and my plan from now til Sunday... Until the plumber is hired and we have water, I have to work on things that won't be effected by pipes or plumbing or anything water related.  That leaves me my office, George's Den and the dreaded tack and staple removal...not to mention the yard work ... and 95 other miscellaneous things.  So I'm planting myself into my office or the room officially know as Bedroom #5. This is the only bedroom that is going to be carpeted due to flooring issues.  That's do-able.  The ceiling will not be what I want but due to MAJOR ceiling issues it will remain the type of ceiling that it is, which is just like a certain Harry Potter character - we do not mention it's name...but it rhythms with "frop-ceiling" UGH. Don't worry, I found some cool tiles and they will make a hot mess, WORK!   So there is a bit of "mud" work to fill in som
e holes, trim to clean, sand and paint, walls to wash and paint, cabinet/closet to clean, sand and paint and some window repair/clean and fix work and then it's DONE!  I should be able to knock this out in 3 nights...hmmmm... So I start by cleaning the inside of this built-in.  In 1 hour I have managed to get it cleaned.  It was so dirty gross that I realized that it has never been cleaned or washed since 1907!  MARTHA!  That's GroSS!!! 

Hour 2 - Sand the trim and the frame and parts of the inside walls that have gum and sticky stuff on them and the two shelves.
Hour 3 - 
Sand the trim and the frame and parts of the inside walls that have gum and sticky stuff on them and the two shelves.Hour 4 - Sand the trim and the frame and parts of the inside walls that have gum and sticky stuff on them and the two shelves.You have got to be kidding me!!!
Hour 5 - Finally able to wash the walls again and begin painting...OMG... this is the first thing I will be painting in Martha!  THIS IS HUGE! Let's have a look, shall we?

Here's what it looks like now.  Clean and Fresh!  Ready to hold all my office supplies!

Here's another shot....
Okay, it might need another coat.

So there you have it!  I've painted something, cleaned something, sanded something and I have an almost finished project!  Are you excited?  I know I am!  I also got side tracked by some of the beautiful light switches and they are so beautiful that I think that I am going to show my generous side along with my savvy business side and offer these for sale to help defray the plumbing cost... so I want you to get your credit cards out and get ready to bid on these unbelievable light switches... be warned, they probably all will go into a bidding war frenzy... Don't hold back.. start bidding and bid HIGH!  I will pay for the shipping so bid even higher..
Number 1 - Let's start the bidding at $500.00  - LMAO LMAO 

This is a true beauty and look, it's for a double switch but can be used as a single too for an added bonus!  Let's start this one out around $700.00 - OMG... OMG... it's worth it...really.

Number 3 - Now this is a real gem!  I'm thinking if your name begins with an "S" , you'd be a total fool not to bid on this keeper!  Let's start this one at $1000.00 - hey, it's monogrammed!

Now let this be a valuable lesson to you... Light switches like this don't come around often...(thank God) so start bidding and BID TO WIN!

Sorry, it's late and I'm beat and now I can't stop laughing!  Don't worry... more to come.

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