Thursday, July 25, 2013

Your lips are SEALED!

Well, I couldn't wait to get on and see how many bids were rolling in for those wonderful light switch covers... there had to be at least 10 -15 bids, you guys had to be going crazy fighting over those gems!  WAIT... WHAT??? NO BIDS, NO REQUESTS?  WHAT?  How could this be?  Who doesn't want a Sponge Bob Square Pants light switch cover?  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... I see, You don't!  HURTFUL!  LOL LOL LOL

Just didn't want to make you miss this crazy guy... how could you not smile looking at more time!
So the cabinet is done, added another coat and put the shelves back in after I sanded them and then put some stuff on the shelves!  I don't have a picture because my camera battery died... I'll get one for you tomorrow.  I know how bad you want to see my supplies!

The next thing I'm about to tell you is between you and me.  This means you are NOT to talk to George about this!  If you're wondering..."Won't George read this?"  PLEASE... he thinks I'm nuts telling you this stuff now.  So I found myself in the master bath ... I know I know... I said I'd stay on track and I am but I just walked by and thought I should check on that wall with the cabinet above it....

Disclaimer - I asked and you gave your suggestions and I will keep the cabinet but I am going to move it to a different wall.  It will look better and serve my uses if I place it on the east wall instead of where it is.
Back to the wall - So I was looking at the tile and trying to examine the grout because I'm not thrilled with how there is no space between the tiles...and then I sorta pushed one...and uh oh... it came off the wall. Shhhhhhhhh.... I had to grab it and the one next to it.  It wasn't my fault.  I was just checking the grout line...with a screw driver and a spatula....and a hammer.  See that black line under the cabinet?  That's what I'm talking about...they just fell out!  Here's where it gets amazing.... You have never seen tiles this thick!  Seriously! They are almost 1/2" thick...

Can you believe it?  It's amazing!  They are super heavy and yet delicate at the same time.  I sprayed some cleaner on one of them to see how they'd clean up and they are beautiful!  There is much more green in them than you originally see and I think I'm going to end up liking them.

I love all the crazing on them and now I'm thinking I will have to incorporate a soft green/blue wall color in the bathroom... not to won't be "Mint Green" like your Grandma's bathroom, it's gotta be a bit cooler than that with hint of both.  Somehow I've gotten off track, do you see how easily this happens?  Now you're off track too!  Back to the office/Bedroom #5.

So here's the check list to keep me on track this weekend....

  1. Finish painting outside of the cabinet
  2. Wash all the baseboard trim
  3. Lightly sand the trim
  4. Paint the trim
  5. Wash and remove all the staples from the windows
  6. Lightly sand
  7. Paint the trim around the windows
  8. Replace broken window
  9. Fix the window rope on one window
  10. Clean both windows and storms
  11. Mud the walls where needed
  12. Sand the walls where mudded

Okay, another disclaimer...actually 2 disclaimers - This color is Martha Stewart's Paint called Enamelware and my friend Rene used it in her kitchen and every time I see it, I smile. It doesn't look like this on the walls, it looks happier, with that said, I think it is soft and will look awesome with white trim and a white ceiling!  As I stated before, this room is getting carpet due to major flooring issues... Don't have anything picked out for that yet! My other disclaimer is this... I am not allowed to know the name of the color of paint... This is a bad thing for me because I have chosen paint I'm not always thrilled with because I loved the name of the paint!  Have you ever done that?  OMG... it's wrong!  So from here on out, I am not allowed to look at the name, just choose the color and then look at the name.  This is where you're not allowed to tell George... I didn't do anything to the tile, it just fell out and I didn't get Benjamin Moore Paint for the office because I wanted this color... Enough said.

I am writing this in the waiting room at OSU Hospital while my beautiful daughter is having surgery. (We welcome positive thoughts - Send them her way - it's free) I am off today and tomorrow and will help her get set up today when she gets out and then plan on working on Martha for the next 3 days.  My highest hopes are to get thru #14.  Do you think I'll make it?  Can't wait to find out if I can.  

Last note - When you stop by to see updates or just want to sit on the porch, do not forget to bring me a large Diet Pepsi with lots of ice!  Martha makes me thirsty.

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Those tiles are probably valuable. Give the switch plates to Goodwill; someone will be thrilled! Best thoughts for your daughter. (LM)

Renee Caldwell said...

Love Enamelware, you will not be disappointed!! Miss you!

Renee Caldwell said...
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