Monday, July 22, 2013

We're all Mad here I am, back from California and ready to go over and see Martha... it's only 2:08am..George says NO! But it is my birthday so I should be able to do whatever I want!!! With that being said, I need to tell you a non-Martha story...with a Martha update or two thrown in for good measure.

This started a little while ago and it wasn't really a story to tell until I went to California.... My hair has been a hot mess since April when I had an experience that was a "different" hair experience. I've been trying to grow my hair out into a "Bob"  all one length and I don't know what's going on but my hair is just not cooperating.  It breaks and is fly away and thin and where there is a color that is in between black and white....some might say that "Grey" word (of course just a few strands) those hairs are thick and have a mind of their own!!!! I told you that this wasn't much of a story...

So I find myself in California for work - National JA Conference which was a wonderful experience for all the kids and their families, and I look at myself and think "what am I thinking with my hair like this?"  UGH!
So when I has some free time, I walked across the street to a Hair and Nail "Salon" (I use the term loosely) and I'm greeted by a small man with ivory slacks and a matching ivory shirt, slicked back black hair, lots of gold jewelry and a very thin mustache who pointed and his finger nails, raised his eyebrows and then tugged on his hair like a question. I said I wanted to get a haircut and he shouted out something in Spanish and all 5 of the ladies sitting in chairs stood up and he waved his arms and one of them came over and took me by the arm and sat me in a chair.

I was looking all around trying to take it in and figure out what was going on. I told Carmaleena that I wanted a short, cute, fresh, YOUNG looking cut.  I did NOT want an old lady cut!  She was nodding the entire time and then said something in Spanish and the next thing I know there are 4 women feeling my hair and sentences rolling off their tongues and tugging and lots of head shaking.  The entire "Salon" is filled with Spanish music and I'm the only customer. She sprays my hair wet with a spray bottle and starts cutting away. I decide not to look while this is going feels lighter and she seems to know what she's doing,  I open my eyes and then I am surprised to see that all of my "colored" hair is on the floor and I'm not longer a blonde but a salt and pepper old lady!  Something I have found is that when you get your hair cut, the stylist always want to make your hair look "NICE".  I don't want my hair to look "NICE"  That's just not me.  I told her that.  She shook her head and gave me the "no"  then she said another thing I didn't understand and I said that I wanted it shorter and she shook her head and put her hand up really high in the air and said NO.  This meant that I am too tall to have really short hair.  So I said okay... I was looking at the mirror and started messing with the style and she slapped my hand down and sprayed some dollar store hair spray on my new do. Nice puffy in the back and some high sides.  hmmmmm... I walked up to the register and the lovely man told me that it would cost $14.00!!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I walked across the street to Target and bought a box of hair color. In 30 minutes, I had a new hair color and a new cut and I'm a new woman...with a new old house...and I look like a woman with a new hair color and a new cut and I'm a new woman...with a new old house...  From here ...there is no telling what I can do!  I went and got my haircut at a place where I don't speak the language by women that had no idea what I was saying and it all worked out! Let that be a lesson for you!

On a Martha note... Fun news... the first thing I've ordered for her arrived while I was gone...getting my haircut... not super exciting but look!!!
This is the shower curtain for the downstairs bath!!!

So So excited!  We have a shower curtain!!!!

Thanks...for letting me ramble on and on...back to Martha tomorrow...promise!

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