Thursday, July 4, 2013

Revelations Revealed...

So I want to share my newest "Ah ha moment"... Houses are like the beginning you are just so smitten with the house, the way it feels when you walk in, the built in cabinets, the woodwork, the size of the rooms, the way the light streams in at dusk...the house seems to know just how to push your buttons and then... you start to see the real house. The leak here, the broken glass there, the dirt under all the glitz and by the time you realize that there is WAY more going on than you first thought, the time you realize that you may have bitten off more than you can realize it's too late to change it, you're in love and this is what it's gonna be.  (I am a freakin genius!)

I wanted to give the fireplace in the living room a quick once over with some soapy water and get the nasty spill marks off the white tile.  Mind you, there is no running water currently so I have to bring big buckets filled with water from my other house and transport to this house.  I get the soap and water mixed and open a new scotch scrubber sponge this and start washing...

Here is the before, including the nasty carpet...ooooohhhh. I'm on my hands and knees gently trying to set the grime off the tile on the floor and all of a sudden it's not white... no it's greenish brown. I think I must be scrubbing too hard and the green part of the scrubber is coming off...but NO! The tile is painted and it's coming off!  I grab a razor blade and begin to uncover real tile...

Sidebar... I had wonderful visitors this afternoon, my sister Shelly brought me lunch! Thank you!  Blake came over with a van load of stuff and Nancy stopped in for a breather and had a beautiful potted flower pot!  I'm a lucky girl.  
Back to the tile... Blake can not resist pulling, tugging or scraping anything that is not tied down... so she starts in on the tile...

and not only is it painted on the floor it's painted on the front facade. How many days is this going to put me back? UGH!  So we start scrapping and wiping and we made a little dent in this new project that I didn't even know was a project!

I LOVE it!  Who would paint over tile that is this beautiful?  All I know is Martha is just grinning her ass off and giving a huge sigh of relief because she's starting to able to be herself.  I can't wait to finish this and show you our new fireplace surround!  So with this action you're probably wondering if this is all we got done today... and the answer is NO but I was only able to be   "home" for a few hours today because we had to get ready to celebrate and watch the fireworks at our friends annual Perrysburg cookout...but as a nice teaser for tomorrow... The KITCHEN MAKEOVER/COMPLETE GUT has begun!

You can only begin to imagine the complete hideousness of the kitchen when this is the fan in the kitchen, complete with apple boarder on the fan paddles!  Get ready for a complete update tomorrow!  
Happy 4th of July America!

Fly that flag baby!
I hope you get some time to relax and enjoy some choice time with family and friends over the next few days...I'll be working my bum off, falling head over heals in love with Martha.

Peace out my gentle readers!
Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

Simple Green liquid soap is good at loosening/wrinkling latex paint; for the vertical surfaces, you could try holding up paper towels, then spray saturating them so they stick. I'm guessing the paint is latex/water based because it started coming up when you scrubbed. (Linda Marcas)