Friday, July 5, 2013

An Apple A Day...

 As promised on this 4th of July, you are in for a treat. It's not the kind of treat you eat...nor would you want to eat in this treat.  These are the first views of the room I spend most of my time in and where, regardless of how hard I try, everyone seems to end up... 
The Sacred Kitchen.
This is our old kitchen before the rehab.

I love my current kitchen.  I rehabbed it last April and May and I learned so much and had such a great time putting it together and watching it transform into my dream kitchen, so it only makes complete Cherie Sense that we'd move.

Our rehab was enough to make me feel like I could do anything in the rehab area... I have drawings, sketchings, and a diorama of the darn thing. I knew every measurement by heart and there was no doubting once the plans were made. 
New Kitchen

Now we are entering new waters... Here is my soon to be kitchen and let me tell you, I'm scared!  

 Lets review... The kitchen has white walls with apple red/purple trim.
Apple Wallpaper Border
An Island that is not anchored to the floor and at least one door on every wall! 
The cabinets are so grimy and so dated that you couldn't even think of just refacing them...they GOT TO GO!

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you... that is a rock holding up the corner of that string of cabinets. There are two drawers missing and the back splash is linoleum floor tiles glued to the wall. The two wall cabinets here don't match and the flooring is buckled.  Delightful!

 The doorway into the butler's pantry has a shelf and a can crusher that stick out from the wall making it a certain shoulder bruiser on a weekly basis. Again, please enjoy the apple border and the purple trim along with the bad pass-thru.  Did I mention that the knobs on most of the cabinets are white with a red apple on them?  It's true!

On the positive, a place I try hard to stay on, this room is BIG!  At least it's a very nice 15 x 15 and that offers lots of possibilities!  The ceiling is 10' tall and that allows for even more possibilities.  There are 5 doorways in this room and that offers many escape routes and let's say "opportunities"!  Please don't forget the ceiling fan from yesterday's teaser!  The paddles have the wallpaper border glued on for a fabulous design ascetic. OMG!!!  Without further ado...

TaDA... The road to a new kitchen begins. The best part was, my new neighbor, John, asked to see the house and when I told him we were tossing the entire kitchen into the dumpster, he asked if his cousin would take it out, could he have it?  Are you serious?  This was a two day job for me and now I had someone doing it for me and for FREE!  So So So Awesome!  They cleared that kitchen out in less than 4 hours.
 We have one counter left and they'll take that out as soon as we get a new back door that isn't boarded up because it's too big to go through any other door way. I know how scary this looks but to me it is beautiful!  I promise you that once we are in the actual rehab mode for this kitchen, you are just going to LOVE it and you won't be scared any more.

I had to make a concession with George, for the next 10 days I can only work on "gut work"... we only have the dumpster for 2 weeks and then they take it away. We need to have everything that we don't want, in the dumpster and then we can start working on the fun parts... that sorta means no more "detail work and all grunt work". Whaaaaaaaaaaaa.
He's right and even though I'm the Project Manager for this site, sometimes I get carried away with the "shiny" and need to be reminded to stick to the plan... so my pictures won't be so glamorous but you will see lots of changes.

We also bought a dehumidifier today and I already emptied out a whole buckets worth of water!  I'm feeling like that basement is drying out in a flash!  Well it's been a crazy day and it's late and I have to get back at it in the morning so I hope you had a great 4th and I hope you are getting excited to see the next gut area we have.
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!  Martha and I and George are very tired and we say "Good Night, Sleep Tight and don't let anyone in your bed that you wouldn't bite!"

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