Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I have met the enemy and its name is CARPET TACK STRIP!

Please take note of these EVIL EVIL objects!  They will make your life miserable and they will cut you and make you BLEED!  They will also take hours and hours of your life, leaving you unable to hold a glass that you need to drink your favorite martini in rendering you SOBER and FRUSTRATED!  They travel with a lesser known object called "the dreaded pad staple" very very nervous!

Guess what I did tonight?  
Okay, that's two evenings in a row ripping out those darn strips.  The staples are almost as bad because they hide and laugh at you when you graze your hand over the floor and have your skin ripped to shreds!  (overstatement...warning)  Okay, don't say I didn't warn you and now I'll move on.

The living room, library and dining room all are empty of carpet and the staples and the strips.  I see "pro-gress"!  The floors are in fair shape.  I was hoping that we would remove the carpet and under the pad would lie a shining, shimmering, virginal hardwood floor... uh oh.  Looks like some floor has been around the block a time or seven!  But really, not so bad.  We are going to rent a floor sander and stain them dark so they match the most beautiful area of the house...
Oh that's right... THE RECEIVING AREA...

Let me find another picture of this area...

Take a good long look at that seat because that's where you'll be sitting while I decide if I'm going to "receive" you or not!  Seriously, on the blue prints...this area is called THE RECEIVING AREA!  HA!  I love it!  This would be a good time to tell you that you should get some "calling cards"  Martha and I demand them now.  Currently, this is the best room in the house.  The built in bookcase is 8' long and is in amazing condition and I can't wait to fill it with trinket-tells and wonderfulness, but I keep getting ahead of myself.  While I was pulling those #$%^ carpet tack strips I kept reminding myself that someday, I'll look up and those cabinets will be filled with a ton of things that make me giggle. 

Oh yes, I'd like to introduce you to my Electricians... John and Tim, they make me happy!  They make Martha happy... 
and most importantly, they shed a LOT of light on the subject! (I couldn't help myself) They have done some amazing work and I'm so glad that they love Martha too!  You'll notice that they are standing in the dining room and you can see part of the library and both floors are carpet free!  Now they are also CARPET TACK STRIP/PAD STAPLE FREE!  
On a Sad-for-Cherie note, I thought/planned on this taking one evening...Now I'm behind my schedule a whole day!  I'm beginning to think that I need to do some rearranging of my schedule...ugh, I hate that.  I'm super excited that I will get 4 FULL days this coming weekend to work on Martha... well, I do have some work to do on our current house because getting it ready for viewing is a ton of work too!  I'm going to be busy this weekend...and that brings up my last thought or suggestion for this post... if you're around this weekend and need something to do... stop by and visit for a spell.  There will be cool refreshments and good music and a pair of  work gloves waiting for you! 
Till next time,

Peace out my gentle readers!

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