Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Journey

A New Journey

Well, I'm back from my sabbatical and I must say ... it's been an interesting ride!
I must start out with a bit of "housekeeping" as they say... I sorta kinda quit the world as I've known it about  9 months ago... I quit Facebook in October because I couldn't take all the political nonsense and all the "my opinion is right and you losers are wrong"...knowing all the while, I am so right and they are so wrong...SEE HOW EASILY I SLIPPED BACK INTO IT??? Anywho...  My family has been going through a ton of crap that I won't go into, if you care - you already know and if you don't - why bore you with it here?  So, I really, really was ready for some change and a new life, if you will...and boy did I get it!

So I've decided to blog my new life in my new ... ... ... 


Yep... that's right... we got a new HOUSE!!!!  As you can see, it's an old house...actually it was built in 1907 and it has been used and abused and now it's going to get the love it deserves!  So many things to tell you so I'll start here.  Most empty-nesters DOWNSIZE once the kids fly the coop...oh not us!  We decided to UPSIZE and by that I mean, we are going from a 9 room home, about 2400 square feet (that we have lived in for 20 years and have loved it to pieces) and are going into a house that's about 8000 square feet total with more than 18 rooms!  That's right... you read that right!  Are we crazy?  Well, if you know us, you already know that we are! Is it move in ready? Well, if you know us, you know that it couldn't be! 

This house, we'll call her Martha, (it fits, it's an older name and quite noble) has been empty for 16 months, had all the electrical and plumbing ripped out of her by mangy thieves, has not been updated in any fashion that makes any design sense and has been left to ruins...but not for long!  Oh no, I state, NOT FOR LONG!   Transformations have already begun and if you're up for it, you can follow along and watch her progress ( please say that with a British Accent...PRO-Gress...Thank you) 

It's been 10 days since we closed on Martha and 4 of those days were spent in NYC visiting GG's family.  Today was the BIG day because today Martha got her spark back!  Yes!  The electricians were busy working their magic while we were in the Big Apple and this afternoon, I got the good word that we have LIGHTS!  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... this is a big changer in the game.  Up to this point we couldn't do much inside and nothing that requires power tools so I'd been working in the yard in the evenings and trying to get a feel for what it's going to be like when we can really get some work done!  

Here's a view from the back of the driveway...

and here's what we got done tonight...



The carpet looks way better in the picture than it did in real life... actually the stains were so bad it looked like some really yucky things had taken place on it but not to fear... it's gonna look wonderful!
I have tons more to share but I'm beat and have to work in the am and rehab in the pm...
This is going to be awesome... so come along and follow me and Martha on the most amazing redo you've ever seen redone!

Thanks for stopping by!
Sweet Dreams.

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Stella Pigot said...

Congratulations for having a new residence! Your readers are pretty much excited with regards to the upcoming revamp. Please keep us posted and make sure to take lots of pictures. Good luck to you!