Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keep Calm and Sparkle

     Well look who's back!  That's right... I took a break for a couple months.  Really, I didn't feel like I had anything to say that wasn't a terrible rant and that started to be a BIG downer! Now I'm back without change and more frustrations but we'll get over that. 
     I'm on vacation this week and I haven't gone anywhere exciting or taken any fun day trips but it's been so very nice to take a breath and not be chasing all week.  Instead, I've filled my days with sewing and gardening and enjoying an array of new adult beverages.  If you're looking for a fun new summer drink, try this, I call it COCONUT CRAZY GIRL! 
2 parts vodka
2 parts coconut vodka
2 parts pink lemonade
2 parts Diet 7up
Shake it well and pour over ice...lots of ice.
This should make 2-3 servings and after consuming all of'll be CRAZY! (In a good way of course)

    Another thing I've been doing on this lovely vacation is spending lots of time day dreaming and pondering...for those of you who have read The Secret Life of Bees, I'm starting to think that I'm a bit too much like May Boatwright. Don't worry, I'm not planning on committing suicide, but I've got to find a way to stop swallowing whole, the hurts of everything around me and everything I see in this crazy world.  And it's not just the bad things, it's the good things too...for example, I was in Costco the other day and I smiled at a little girl who was about 3 years old and she looked at me with complete earnestness and said  "Hi.  Do have any kids?"  I told her a did and she got a puzzled look on her face and replied "Where are they?" I said they were grownup  and they were busy doing other things right now and she looked at her mom and said, very matter of fact-ly "Oh, that's too bad."  I smiled at her and pushed my cart into the next aisle and burst into tears.  I wasn't upset that my kids were "busy doing other things", I was so overwhelmed with her earnestness.  She was still in her cart, kicking out her legs, moving on to the next thing.  She really didn't have a care in the world.  It was too much to take. It was completely sincere.  Completely inquisitive and then moved on.  It was a "moment".  It was brief and then it wasn't anymore.  I won't forget her.
     On the other hand...I am CRUSHED at the total apathy of this country's people.  Let's all dwell on drug testing for people on welfare, that won't be an over step of the government's power or money! That won't become another corrupt entity. Let's make sure no one has a "choice" if they find themselves in the sad sad situation of an unwanted pregnancy - made by people who have no problem sending that unwanted baby to war to be killed 18 years later!!!  What? There's no school system in Detroit? There's no nothing, no hope ,no help,  no love? Who cares, it's Detroit.  More than a million people are displaced from their homes in New Orleans. - Let' not help them get back to their homes, their lives, instead, let's let gentrification take it over and push them further away. Oh GB and I have gone over and over on this...Yes, I appreciate the fact that people like Brad Pitt come in a build new homes for the musicians, but where do the other people go?  Where do they go?  Why isn't anyone worried about them?  I cry for them.  I am YELLING FOR THEM!
      In the end, I guess it comes down to BALANCE.  I find that to be something that eludes me. I can be equally sad and happy at the same time, (hear a favorite song (happy) and miss my grandmother(sad) ), which is some sort of balance, lol, but not even keel.  I'm thinking this might be one of those things that makes me me. I borrow the powerful lyrics from CSN - I give you give blind....

Look, You got a mind of your own
So listen when it says you could be wrong
The first time is usually when you hear the song
That sets you free.

Too late you realise that burning bridges behind you
Every time you lose, insisting on something
That perhaps can not be had, you blow it away

You got to believe in something
And give it some time.
You got to believe in someone
Go over the line!

Nice to be back...just call me Davis McAlary.
Peace out my fellow players

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