Thursday, March 24, 2011

They got greedy man!

      So the NCAA Basketball game is on at my house right now...well, that's another blog, but George is busy yelling at the television..."Man...OH Man...come on'... don't be so greedy!"  He turn around to look at me and says "They got greedy man!"  As if telling me would change their game plan.  I tried to tell SDSU to go for the two instead of going for those "threes" but they wouldn't listen.  No matter what was going on, on the court, they kept shooting for those threes even when they couldn't sink one for love nor money.  Now UConn is moving on to the Elite 8. 
      That's my inspiration for this blog...WE gotta stop being so greedy man! By "WE" I mean Banks, Insurance Companies, and my brother.  LOL... just kidding TJ.   This could get messy. My rage against the Big Banks is not news and I'm not alone so I won't stay there for too long...but any institution that can charge you $37.50 for a check that they paid but made your balance go into negative and then state that they apologize for any inconvenience that this caused me, needs to reexamine their definition of an apology.   They're laughing all the way to the bank!!!  Ha Ha ... get it... I kill myself.  Okay, not so funny. 
      This is a true story.  In November, I had 5 checks or debits come through the bank ...I get paid on Friday, direct deposit,  the money is there.  On Thursday I used my debit card as a "charge" so it's not one that goes through  my account right then.... I had over $400.00 in my account and was getting paid the next day.  I had the following charges; $129.34, $69.99, $ 12.58and $8.56 for a total of $220.47 no biggie, got it covered.  Okay, my house payment automatically comes out on Friday but I was getting paid on Friday...but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Not only did they charge me $37.50 five times...that's $187.50 for the record, instead of putting through the 4 smaller checks first, leaving me a balance of $191.53 in the black, before pay check, they put the house payment through first and then the smaller checks.  Really?  Seriously?
      When I called to inquire about this they told me it was for my convenience.  I'm serious.  It was for my convenience. Loosing $187.50 was super convenient for me...let me tell you. Banks are greedy. There is much more to the story but I won't bore you any longer...but BANKS ARE GREEDY!  Not even going into Banker's Bonus's ...let's not go there.
        I started to get on the insurance greed train but I'm now fuming over the bank fees story.  I digress. Greed.  When was the last time you did something that was greedy?  I think I get greedy with my kid's time.  When they are home, I want them HOME.  I want all of their time.  Doesn't happen, but I do take every minute I can with them.  That doesn't seem so bad.  I'm shooting for "threes" the entire time they're home.  I am still trying to think...omg...I'm not greedy.  I am awesome.  (This is working off my last blog hehe) 
        Well for all you greedy people out there, when there's a two point basket right there for the taking, don't pass off and try for the three when the two would suit you better and it was a "fo sure" thing. (Do you see how I'm talking "sports" here?)  
     On a different note, I was so excited to see over 1000 views on my blog and a while ago I said that when I reach  1000 I would do another video blog.  It was in such demand!  LMAO... I might of had a beverage or two this evening...was that three?  Any ways, thanks for putting up with me.  I hope you giggled some and look for the upcoming video blog.  You may have noticed that I still do NOT have music on this blog. I gave up when it go too frustrating but I will come back to it.
Hold on...warmer weather is coming.
Peace out my gentle readers!

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