Monday, June 13, 2011

I need a vacation to recover from this vacation!

So in keeping with family traditions...long ago and far away. I just had my week long vacation at home end.  Sad but true and I was thinking...I know what you want...YOU want to see a slide show of everything I did while on vacation, all the hot sites, big events and how I spent those big vacation dollars.  Did you really think I'd leave you empty?  C' know me better than that.  With you in mind, I've put together a slide show... of you fully enjoy my time off.  So grab a beverage, sit back and enjoy the show!!!
So, I worked in the yard.  As you can see, I did some light weeding and planted a few flowers... This took place on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, NOT on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and oh yeah, Sunday.  Next I worked on...
Feeding the fish. I did this EVERYDAY and that's a lot of fish food. In this picture you can see Dwight, Uncle Jimmy, Maurice, Dreamcicle, Jane, Steve, Hulga's head and goldie. Aren't they cute? I am very close to them and they really count on me to be there for them. Some people like cats...I love fish! So then I ...

Sat on my couch! I am very proud of my couch. I wanted a couch for my outdoor room. I needed it to be LONG so I could stretch out and take naps on it and hold 3 of my closest friends at the same time(not while I'm napping) so about a month ago I bought this couch at a garage sale for $10.00, sanded it down to bare wood, painted it, recycled a cushion from Miles old couch (we called it a "bouch" because it's a bed and couch combo), covered it and made 7 pillows to match and now I have an award winning couch. The bigger news here would be that on Tuesday night...I SPENT THE ENTIRE NIGHT SLEEPING ON IT! That's right, I brought down a sheet and my bed pillows, kissed George goodnight and spent the night outside. I wasn't even scared, but I did keep all the lantern on all night...solely for safety purposes.

As you can see I had the lanterns on but, WOW, the path sure needed weeding so I spent a large chunk of Saturday weeding the path...but before I did that I took scraps from making the cushion and the pillows and used them to make a cushion for the chaise...and because I liked the way it looked I had to read a book sitting here.
As you can imagine, this kind of vacation really takes a lot out of you!  I'm completely whipped!  All that resting and napping and drinking and reading and walking inside and then back out...whewww!  Makes me tired just thinking about it.  I hope you didn't get too bored with my presentation.  I tried to keep it simple and colorful yet inspiring!  If you're ever in the neighborhood and need a place to take a load off, let me know.  I have a few options for you.  Till then, take care and sleep tight and dream about going on a vacation like this.  It will take lots of planning and lots of work but if you need help, I'm right here.

Peace out my slide show watchers!

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blake said...

I loved spending time with you and Nancy on your vacation. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. And I got to see Dwight too:)