Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In like a LION!

          Okay, February came in with a bang...a snow bang!  I know that I am not alone in this and I am not a snow hater.  I like the snow.  I think it's beautiful.  I need seasons.  I love the different weathers and I try to appreciate all of them for what they are...with that being said, I do have a complaint!  Living on a corner lot we have a very large amount of sidewalk to clear.  Between my husband and me, we get the shoveling done.  We shovel the entire width of the sidewalk.  We clear the sidewalk because many people still use the sidewalks...namely... dog walkers- me, school children-not me,(well I am going to night school...and that reminds me... don't call or text me on Tuesday nights, because "I do have class!") and people that want to get from here to there in the neighborhood. I didn't even mention that in Toledo, it's the law that you have to clear the sidewalks within 6 hours of the snowfall...or some thing to that effect.  So when you have people in your neighborhood that feel that they don't need to do this, it gives me pause and then I reflect!
         Seriously?  You're under 30 years old.  You only shovel a path from your front door to your car!!!  Never mind that your house is 5 different colors, never mind that you have your 60 something, in-laws come mow, blow and weed whip your yard in the summer, this is something that I can never mind.  The snow on your section of sidewalk has a small path beaten down by all of us trying to get through.  You have a quarter of the sidewalk that we have...a quarter, and you can't get your lazy bum out there and shovel.  PUT THE XBOX CONTROLLER DOWN FOR 20 MINUTES AND SHOVEL YOUR DARN WALKWAY!
Now you might ask "Cherie, why don't you just shovel his sidewalk for him?  That would be the neighborly thing to do."  Thanks for asking.  One day in the summer, the in-laws must have been out of town, George was mowing our yard and thought he'd be nice and would mow their mid-calf high grass while he was at it.  Mr. XBOX came running out and asked George what he was doing!  George said, "Isn't it obvious?"  Mr. XBOX said he didn't want him to do it.  Well, you can probably figure how that went over with George.  (I still get in trouble if I look over there for too long.)
        I looked for quite a while to find a "neighbor" quote that fit this scenario and this is the best I could come up with...  Love your neighbor as yourself, but don't take down the fence.  Carl Sandburg  That may sound harsh and I don't want to close that way...I'd rather go out like a lamb so I will finish wrapping this package with this thought... We are all trying...but I don't buy that we're doing the best we can do.  I think there is room in all us, to do more, take that extra step to give a little bit more every day, laugh harder and when you try...try harder.
It's snowing again...I've got to get out there!
Peace out my little flakes. : )



Katlyn said...

I know who this is, that house with those colors. hahaha so true though, some people!

G said...

I enjoy all of the ways that you are right. You always seem to find new ones...