Thursday, February 10, 2011

All in good fun...

         So I've spent a total of 4 hours trying to put music on my blog.  I listen to music when I'm blogging and when I re-read it without the music it doesn't seem the same. What's with that?  I am a self confessed music-aholic.  I love music.  Many different kinds...not all kinds...but lots of different kinds.  For the most part, I listen to jazz/Brazilian/blues/folk/standards/and last but not least..."tourcher music".  No, I didn't spell that wrong. "Tourcher music" is a term my brother and I came up with.  We play this wonderful game...We call it..."I can top that tourcher song in one note!"  That is what we call it but that's not actually how it works. 
      Here's how it have to have time to do this.  This isn't something you do right before you go do something...this is what you're doing.  So you have to have an evening where you are together, have spent the day doing something you enjoy (so you're on your best game), preferably indulging in a relaxing beverage or two, NO television and all your music available to you.  Put on a song that is completely gut don't want to put your best song first because you have to stagger the "tourcher" to a crescendo.  We have a few staples that are always in the running...Gordon Lightfoot's If you could read my mind is ALWAYS in the mix. The line..."I walk away, like a movie star that gets burned in a three way script, enter number three" will always evoke a loud sigh and groan.  We throw our heads in our hands and shake it back and forth. Oh the humanity. 
    The interesting changer in this game is that depending on what's going on in your life or your day or your outlook, will decide what you consider the most tourcherful!  Isn't that cool?  We've been playing this for years and although we always come back to our favorites, there are always new and improved songs to tourcher your brother...I mean, the person you are playing with.
I'm going to list a few of our staples to entice your creativity and invoke some songs you may have in your arsenal.
         Ambrosia's - How much I feel   (yeah, we're products of the 70's) There's just something that I've got to say ....Sometimes when we make love...I still can see your face

         Janis Ian's - At Seventeen ... The valentines I never knew, the Friday night charades of youth were spent on one more beautiful, At seventeen I learned the truth

         Dan Fogelberg's - Same Old Lang Syne - ....and I watched her drive away. Just for a moment, I was back in school and felt that old familiar pain.  And as I turned to make my way back home...the snow turned into rain. (That line has been a perennial favorite winner!)
         Dave Loggin's - Please come to Boston - Please come to Boston for the springtime, I'm stayin' here with some friends and they've got lots of room, You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk.
By a café where I hope to be workin' soon (He's not asking...he's begging...ohhhhhhhh)

          Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again Naturally - I remember I cried when my father died, Never wishing to hide the tears. At sixty-five years old, My mother, God rest her soul, Couldn’t understand why the only man, She had ever loved had been taken. Leaving her to start, with a heart so badly broken, Despite encouragement from me, No words were ever spoken. And when she passed away,
I cried and cried all day, Alone again, naturally .....

So, here we are.  You have an idea of how it works, the songs don't always have to be sad, but they have to have a dagger piercing line.  If you're wondering why we'd even play this silly game, think about're spending time with someone you enjoy being with, you're having some relaxing beverages, listening to good music and pulverizing your brother, I mean playing a fun and wholesome game.  I need help, but that's for another  I want some new ideas.  I want to play this again soon and I need to win!  So whatcha got?  Let me hear from you.

On that note, I still can't get the music on my blog but I'm not giving up.  Look forward to some music soon.

Peace out my little Casey Kasem's


Kaylin said...

What about that Goodnight Saigon song by Billy Joel? I'm gathering it needs to be sad, right? Any line from that song is sad. Lemme try and find some more...

Drew said...

Check it:

My personal standard tourcher topper, before I even knew the term.

Anonymous said...

"...I knew a man, Beau Jangels, and he'd dance for worn out shoes..."