Monday, January 31, 2011

Being a Pilgrim

To journey without being changed is to be a nomad. 
To change without journeying is to be a chameleon.
To journey and to be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim.
                                                                  Mark Nepo - The Book of Awakening

I've decided that my last blog of the month will be a "thank you" blog.  I don't know who reads my blog unless you're a blog "follower" or if you've left a comment, so if I've left you out, please know that it was not my intention... as with most things, I just didn't know.

I am thankful for you...
Madison - thank you for "liking" my blog and making me giggle when you respond.  So much of my heart is filled with hope for you and your happiness.
Drew - thank you for saying aloud things many people wouldn't even say privately to themselves.  Your sharing is one of the reasons I continue.
Miles - thank you for asking why I never made a crouquembouche for you!  I'm always afraid you'll be embarrassed if I single you out so I stayed away but it really meant a lot when you called.  As with your sister, so much of my heart is filled with hope for you and your happiness.
Katlyn - thank you for opening your heart to hear what I'm saying.  Your comments encourage me.
Rebecca R. - thank you for being as silly as me.  You are a shining star.
Jeff - thank you for the quite talks .. I patiently await.
Shelly B. - thank you for reminding me of mom sayings.  I'm thankful you're around even though I haven't seen you for ever!
Blake - thank you for being my best audience. I've said it before and I'll say it lucky.
Kathy F - thank you for your behind the screen reading. It's just one more thing that makes me giggle.
Pam A - When I had spinal meningitis I lost a lot of my memories.  For what ever reason, I still remembered going to your house and playing with all of your wonderful "grocery goods". (kindergarten?) You were ALWAYS nice to me and it's so nice to be talking with you again.  I'm thankful for that.
Jeri A. - thank you for always being such a "inspirer" - you keep me going. 
Ginger W. - thank you...for sharing your stories...for giving me pep when I need it... for listening.
Tiffany R. - thank you for that reconnection lunch.  I smile and smile.
Mary Lou H. - thank you for still being a mom to me.
Janis W. - thank you for trying even though you "still have sclerederma". LMAO
Mary Jane B. - thank you for being open to me and my crazy ramblings.
Jane HC - thank you for being so awesome! Shimmy that wristwatch!
Jane S. - thank you for being a stranger that turned into a friend
Sharon G. - thank you taking notice.

Okay I know that was sorta out there...but I've been known to be that way.  I'll embrace that.  It would be easier to thank the symphony but I enjoy that single violin...peeking out to catch my ear..I am trying to be a pilgrim  - a pilgrim acknowledging all around.  I know that  being thankful for separate voices helps me make a better bouquet.  I have learned that being thankful for anything is much better than not or thinking I deserve it.  At times I have found myself thinking or wondering why and my new idea is to be thankful for it.  Whatever it is.  Doesn't mean it'll be easier or faster or better...just being thankful that it is.
I hope you are at a place where you can be thankful.  I won't dare to tell you what to be thankful for.  I just hope you have some thing or some one that allows you to be thankful.    I know that I am very thankful that you are here.

Give thanks for being human.
Give thanks for human beings.

Thankfully your...


Renee Caldwell said...

Wonderful reminder to be present in our own lives. I think that you are a pilgrim in many regards.

Katlyn said...

Thank you for sharing, I love to read what you write, I always learn so much you. You really inspire me.
Thanks for always making me feel welcomed and loved in your home. Can't wait to see what February brings!!