Thursday, May 6, 2010

This evenings Fare....

Good Evening, my name is Cherie and I'll be waiting you this evening.  Have you been here before?  Glad to hear that.  As you can see, we have quite a menu but here at Did Cherie Think that Out loud we suggest that not only should you think about what you want, you should want what you think about.  With that being said, we'll begin with the starters...

You have the choice of  ~

"I think I might like to try to do this but I'm not sure." 
" How do I get there from here?"

While you chew on that, I'll let you know that our catch of the day is taller than you, has a 6 pack, knows your favorite books, movies, music taste and completely interested in everything you have to say.  With no children on the side and tossed with a wicked sense of humor.   We only have a few left so if you want the special you might have to let me know so I can let the kitchen know. 

What do I suggest?  Good question... Well, I feel that it's very important to ask yourself what, in the end, you really want from this meal.  Can you order it and be satisfied with your decision?  Will you continue to turn it over and over and make it something it never was?  What if this meal is not enough for you?  What if you want more?  Are you dessert?  What else goes with this menu?  Can you have red or white wine or both?  When the meal is over is it over? Do you have the ability to finish the meal, push away from the table and walk away?  And by the way, you must always go to the restaurant for the meal.  They do not deliver to your home.   
When you can answer these questions... let me know and I'll be happy to get the kitchen working on your order! 

Peace Out my friends.

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