Thursday, May 6, 2010

The telephone's ringing

Day two of my Up North Excursion...They didn't think the silliness could last...Boy were they wrong.  I'm not sure why, but I have been asked by more than one person if I am always like this?  Hmmmm.  What do you think that means?  I've got to go back to my favorite comment of the year (regarding me...) "More sass than my usual is bad for the country."  I think I've been giving it my all...for my dear friends.  Bad for the country... I dare say "Not!"  Not unless you count your stomach hurting from laughing so hard.or snorting when you're laughing because you need more oxygen.  This has been a wonderful trip and I am happy I made it.  Speaking of making it... I am at number 25 in a row with this blog.  Shecky didn't think I would do it!  Well look who's a big girl now.  Even blogging when I'm on vacation!
I've also been asked....What in the world do you do in your BLOG? When I try to explain that some times it's me blowing off steam.  Some times it's poetry, random thoughts, parts of books I've been working on, lists to follow, or my favorite... telling you what you need to hear!...they just give me a blank stare and quietly nod.   Hmmmm.   Okay I must say, I have gotten a wee bit addicted to my blog.  Things come up in my day and now I think "oh, that would be something to write about."  or  "OMG  I am so freaking mad...I have got to write about that"  or I also like to call Kathy and say"Okay, what about this?  You better ask your peeps why they say this and do that!!!"   (Okay... for some this might not exactly be a blessing.)  I do enjoy this.  It really has given me a place to put my thoughts and if they are being read, enjoyed, pondered or not, I feel good doing it. 
I hope this finds you well.  I hope you are in a good place...and if you aren't.  I'll be home tomorrow and we can share a stiff one. Just give me a call.
Peace out from the wilderness.

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