Wednesday, May 5, 2010

do you remember...

Here we sit.  The dishes are done.  Music is on.  Sandra is completely enamored with me.  Mary Lou and Dale joined us for dinner.  All is right in the world up north.  What is the saying... If you're lucky enough to be up North, you're lucky enough.  We have spent the evening with no tv... no games... no sparklers ( I would have enjoyed those) but we have filled this night with conversation and laughter and even some good cussing.   Before I forget, Marianne... Sandy joined the cuss club today so we have a new member...up to 3 now! 

Things rush back in a flush...I find myself giggling at how she unfolds her tissues and gently touches her nose.  That's right she doesn't blow...please... she's Sandra Fuckin Henry!  Don't be offended.  That's really her middle name.  Okay, not really but you know.  Flashback - 7th grade... I was always taken back by how pretty she is - nothing there has changed.  She seems to do things with a grace I never was handed.  She sorta floats around's hard to explain...she glides and places things.  You know, where as I plop things down, she places the glass on the table.  More than once she has asked "how did it get to be this late?"   Our time has been flying by, but as you may recall me reminding you, I am making note.  I am not taking this for granted. 

Driving up was 5.5 hours of me time.  I've taken a brief vacation from my political news junkie fix - made up for that today in the car.  POTUS on XM radio all 5.5 hours.  Believe me friends we are going to visit that land but not quite yet.  I want to fill this page with goodness and light.  If you're curious, they are about 3 weeks or more behind us in leaves, flora and fawna.  The sun was shining and orange and palm trees swayed... very much enjoyed my solo car trip.

My hostess has been with the most-est...well almost-est... for some reason, and it's always been this way, when I am around her I may seem a bit exaggerated.  Hmmmm.  Whatever it is, we have both been laughing, crying, talking and listening.  I've threatened to move it and make George a bachelor again.  I have announced that I will get her back in the real world and she has announced that she's just fine where she is.   I am in awe of this very strong woman.  She has been through an awful lot these past few years and she only looks better for the wear.  I could learn lessons from her grace and strength but I probably won't... it just not my style.  LOL  

Did you list your 5 good things for the day?
1. Trader Joe's
2. Car trip on a sunny day
3. Time spent a friend
4. Up north
5. Oh garden's in!  Yeah...yeah... yeah.

Good night  
Peace Out

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