Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things you should know that I know...

Many, but not all, of my big irritations take place in an automobile.  This thought just hit me, completely out of the blue.  Driving while on the phone pisses me off.  People who don't understand what MERGE means and because of that fact, don't know how to do it -piss me off.  Big SUV's blocking my back out abilities in parking lots piss me off.  People who swerve piss me off. People who ride my ass on the highway really piss me off.  People who think that the corner of Harvard and University is the rounding corner for Indy are gonna get a new feeling soon if they don't start slowing down!!!   I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should spend less time in automobiles.  What do you think?

I might have to purchase a small handheld tape recorder that says this: "Oh my God, I laughed so hard I peed my pants!  No, I'm serious I had a huge wet area right there.  Oh my God, it was so funny." I have been saying that at least once a day.  It's out of control.  If I didn't know better I might think that I was pregnant.  The last time I was like this I was pregnant.....OMG  OMG  OMG... Shit! 

I think the most random thoughts while lying in bed.  This would be what I thought when I was in bed this morning...Why do work friendships end after you don't work with those people anymore?  It can't be that it's just convenient.  Then that would cancel friendships that last for are those friendships school friendships..and if they are does that mean only school friendships last and if that's the case what about friends that are neither school or work friends?  How does that play out?  Don't you wish you had these thoughts at 7am too?

People are starting to wear clothes that are way too tight for them.  Not just randoms... oh no...90% of everyone I see is wearing something that is too tight.  Is everyone getting fatter or are all clothes shrinking?  When did it become okay in fashion to wear clothes that not only show some skin, they show the chunka munka along with the skin?  Laugh at me all you want, say my clothes are too baggy and I will still say... wearing sizes that are too small for one does you no favors!!!  Actually, I find it quite haunting.  ughhhh.

I would love to hear what your best lie is.  I think I'm going to to a book like Post Secrets but instead call it Post Lies... and they will just be lies that people have told over time and now they've been told so long that the teller actually believe the lies.  More haunting.... oooohhhhh.

I feel that you do yourself a disservice if you don't own a ___________________________.  Please fill in that blank and let me know what you think. 

How can I sleep with all these things floating around my head...what if I am pregnant...omg

Good night brush.  Good night mush.
Peace out back at cha!

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