Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've been called out!

So my DAUGHTER was talking to me on the phone and said that my "Put a cork in it" blogs were lazy, cop outs and I need to step it back up!  Excuse me for being so tired over the weekend nights that it's hard for me to drag these bones up the stairs, let alone type something.  LOL...okay she might be right.  Okay...she is right. But I was so exhausted and I wanted to make sure I didn't let it go.  I think once you let something go it is just  the beginning of the slippery slope.  It's like being on a diet ... you've been so good and you are really working it and a it is starting to pay off a little bit but then you are offered your favorite dish, be it dessert/pasta/croissants/danish/hot pretzel/cheesecake with berries/cinnamon roll/monkey bread/ sugar cookies... Oh hi...sorry, I started thinking about food and I got lost.  gol gol gol... (that's the snaggle puss laugh if you know me)  Anyway, you get offered this dish and you think to yourself, well one plate won't hurt and I will be extra good tomorrow.  Well tomorrow comes and you think to yourself... I had that yesterday and nothing happened so I'm going to have another tiny piece...pretty soon, the whole pie is gone and you've got a new stain on your shirt!  Slippery Slope My Friends... Not Good!
I will try harder and I will make sure that I am putting it out there as to not let you down anymore! 
What did you put down as your top 5 today? 
Here are mine;
1. Looked at four houses we might buy. 
2. Laughed really hard at our last session of Tai Chi for this season.
3. George took me out for lunch.
4. Talked to both kids on the phone.
5. Still excited that I found my DS case with games inside!!!

I'm going to ask you to do something I very seldom do... please think good weather thoughts... I need some sun and the way you look, so do you!  The above picture is titled Mom being covered by daughter.  Hmmmm.  That's nice.

Peace out my soggy sogs.

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