Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ta Da!

Big News Alert Promised!
So I heard from the Toledo Museum of Art...
Yours truly has won an Honorable Mention in the Ekphrastic  Poetry Contest.
I have been invited to read my poem at a big shindig on Friday May 21.
They will tape my reading and have it play in front of the artwork.  
I believe there will be a plaque with the poem in front of it too... I might be making that up!   
Now I realize that this puts me in a different category than before...
I know that I am now an AWARD WINNING POET...
It may not seem fair to you...
It may not seem like you get to win these things but let's face just aren't an award winning poet like me.  I would love to tell you that I didn't win first, second or third place because the piece of art was supposed to be about a  piece that is placed in the actual art galleries and not in the Glass Pavilion section, like the piece I wrote about is, but that would seem so trite and small... and I am an award winning poet.  Try that on for size... how does that sound?  AWARD WINNING POET...CHERIE CHATREAU-GRIFO IS AN AWARD WINNING POET... I LIKE IT! 
Poor George, now he has to put up with me because of this... if you feel sorry for him too you can reach him at his cell.  You should know the number...he's the husband of an AWARD WINNING POET.
It's so fun ... I hope my mother..who is so cold and distant, likes the poem...she was my muse.
If you would like to read the poem it's on the April 18th post...The Counterman's Diner.
If you are excited that you know me... I might admit it... I might not.
Peace out...
PL  Poet Laureate...LMAO

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