Wednesday, May 26, 2010

songs in my head...all three of us hear them.

Hello it's me.  I've thought about us for a long long time.  Maybe I think too much but something's wrong.  There's something here that doesn't last too long.  Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine. It's important to me that you know you are free...cuz the most that you'll ever know, is back where you used to go, if grownups could laugh this slow, where as we watch the hours snow...years may go by.  But you go to my head and you linger on and refrain and I find it spinning round in my brain like a bubble in a glass of champagne. So I took my love, took down.  Climbed a mountain and I turned around and I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills til the landslide brought me down. But it's not time to make a change, just relax take it easy you're still young that's not your fault there's so much you have know...find a girl, settle down, if you want to you can marry, look at me, I am old but I'm happy...and she's up against the register with an apron and a spatula and yesterday's deliveries and a ticket for the bachelor...she's a moving violation from her conch down to her shoes and she's just an invitation to the blues. I am holding half an acre.  Torn from a map of Michigan and folded from this scrap of paper is the land I grew in.  Think of every town you’ve lived in, every room you laid your head,  and what is it that you remember I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over, if I'm wrong I am right, don't need to look no further, this ain't lust, I know this is love. So hello there, good old friend of mine.  You've been searching for yourself for such a long time.  There's no right or wrong...No need to explain, just an open door for you to come in from the rain...come in from the rain. Summertime and the living is easy.  Fish are jumpin and the cotton is high.  Your daddy's rich and your mama's good looking so hush little baby don't you cry. 

Imagine if you can... this soundtrack rolling through my head. This is not a once in awhile thing, oh no my is playing 24/7 just with new entries.  I have been known, in the past, to sing all my responses and questions and answers... it didn't make everyone extremely happy but it sure made me smile.  Can you name all those songs?  Why don't you make one up out of the songs in your head?  Really... stop drop and roll baby!  You can do it.  Music is where it's at and you're mama's good looking (no truer words)

Hope this finds you singing...
I know I am.
Peace Out fellow rockers!!!!

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