Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a peek

Today I wore a skirt i made. It's too big but the details are nice. It has a zipper and an eye and hook closure.  It has a waistband and the best part is the extra big pocket in front with rick rack on it!  I love it.  I wish it fit better, so the next one I make will be tighter at the waist and not flair out so much but I just pulled a t-shirt down over the top to make it fashionable and to make my statement.  Hmmmm.  What would my statement be?  How about I look absolutely darling?!?!?!?!  What I've realized is that if you think you look darling and you feel are darling.  This is the secret friends.  All this time it's been sitting here waiting for you to find it and I'm just telling you without charging a finders fee. 
The the print of the skirt is a green/brown/orange circly/diamond thing...very 40's.  You know that I'm bringing the 40's back right?  What does that include?  Well here's another little secret I'm gonna let you in on... wear skirts or dresses.  Wear aprons over everything.  Mary Jane's help pull the look together.  This is the working at home, in the garden and at the PTA look.  I do realize that it is not the going into the big city look but it could work for the going into town look.  I'm working on getting some real cat glasses.  The kinds that your grandmother wore.  Do you have any of her old glasses?  If you do... give them to me.  
Why not give this a try?  What do you have to loose?  You probably dress like everyone else now.  It's boring and or slutty.  Let's move past that.  Be on the cutting edge.  Be retro.  Be cool like me!  Let's make a new group of women that believe they can do anything they'd like and this is what they choose to do!  
I'm calling you out here sisters!  Let's give it a try. You can always go back to your old, boring, just like everyone else self...but how cool to for one week be what you could have been ... if you were born 70 years ago?  It's awesome! Who knew the power of one skirt? :)
Peace out my retro Randies

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