Friday, May 28, 2010

That's Fare

Okay so for this upcoming holiday weekend we have 3 free days to picnic, entertain, and eat to our hearts content.  In my family we call these holiday's "Chip Weekends" know, weekends where all your meals will have chips and dip incorporated into them.  Well I haven't really written chips into my menu plans but I won't cry if they show up.  What is going to make me cry would be this... we have no plans.  Well, that's not entirely true.  Saturday afternoon I have a 2 hour window with some friends but it's filling a work slot as well.  Not really much of a PLAN.  So husband and I have decided that we are going to make good food... play fun games and relax as much as we want.
So here goes with the top 10 Menu Must Have's:
1. Homemade Ice Cream
2. BBQ Chicken
3. Homemade Potato Salad
5.Lemon Icebox Cake
6.Shredded Asparagus with Parm Dressing
7.Limocello-gin cocktail with grilled thyme
8.Fairy Juice
9. Grilled Corn with spice tasso butter
10.Fruit Salad with mint and lemon

I don't know about you...but that sounds DE-LICOUSSSS to me!  Okay, that might be a bit over the top for two people...but it is three days...we can spread it out.  We can's you're invitation...We will be cooking, 40 music on the radio, outdoor room ready... Got plans? 
Call me.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend friends...
Freedom isn't free.

Peace Out my Freedom Fighters.

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