Friday, April 23, 2010

This I believe...

This I believe. Until you understand and act upon the difference between need and want, you will continue to make mistakes, poor choices and find yourself in situations that will not help your life. Even though it may seem obvious, we continue to make want options over need choices. I do not say this as someone that has conquered this battle. It’s always there and want wins more than it should.

I believe that romantic love is the most draining thing you do in your life especially if you do it right. It will take everything you have and leave you completely empty and full at the same time. Being in love demands that you are totally in or it throws you out. It helps to be a surfer, sometimes the tide rolls out and you have to wait for it to come back in. It also can be the most rewarding relationship you will have. If the roots are allowed to grow, nothing will be able to put it out.

I believe people spend hours together saying nothing and as soon as they are by the door putting their coats on they say the important things. We need to put things back in the pot or one day there won’t be anything left for anyone else.
I believe that nothing comes close to the following:  How much the word "family" means on Christmas eve.  Sugar cookie cut out's with frosting are better than any other kind of cookie. Kissing someone for the first time.  Nothing in world smells as good as a baby's neck.  Stealing kisses from a baby is better than any drug on the planet.  Making someone else laugh is the best way to get yourself in a good mood.  Finding the good in something bad will help only if you let it. 
I believe that I will continue to work on this for a long time.

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