Sunday, April 25, 2010

Date Night

It's late night owls and I'm up past my bedtime but I 've got to stay on it.  Movie Group took a field trip up to Ann Arbor to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!  LOVE LOVE LOVED it!  I highly recommend it and just get over the sub titles.  I just finished The Girl Who Played with Fire which I now know is the book following Girl with Dragon.  So Cherie. So good.  So Love a thriller.  Also would be remiss if I didn't comment on how lovely the the theatre was.  The Michigan Theatre is wonderful.  We saw the movie in the "viewing theatre" while the Ann Arbor Symphony played in the main theatre.  The atmosphere was charming.  The people were charming.  The company was charming!  I highly recommend viewing movies there. 
For some reason that I do not yet understand, most of the women in Ann Arbor do not wear make up.  So because Laurie, Marianne and I do, we sorta stuck out...which I just find odd.  It's one thing to go natch to the store or to run to the dry cleaners but on Saturday date night... come on, brush your hair!  Who's putting dress clothes on and not a stitch on their face nor a comb thru their hair?  Shocking!  In "Seinfeld Lingo" ..."it just looks like you've given up!"  Gol.  Dinner at the Black Pearl afterward was lovely and a hoping location!  Most of the people there were YOUNGGGG!  Young..  and they were wearing the outfits to prove it.  I did find it interesting that they were so dressed up.  My kids are about the same age as these kids and I don't see them getting this decked out for a night out on the town...but then again, I don't see them that much when they go out on the town.  Again, I digress, dinner was lovely.  Drinks were stiff.  Food was tasty and presented in a very pleasant manner. Our resident movie group shrink wanted our take on the unresolved grief and if we were okay with the vigilantism.  Much to his chagrin, I think most of us were not only okay with the vigilantism, I believe we would have encouraged it.  Man it's a tough one!  As you know, there is nothing I enjoy more than having a beverage, good food and fabulous dinner conversation...and this evening I got it all and more.  What a night.  What a good time. Get some sleep.

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