Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One step at a time...

Okay.  I realize that I am not the Boss of You but I am the Boss of me and with that in mind, listen up! 

1. Stop making stupid mistakes.  Mistakes are lazy and they cost money and they don't care about you. 

2. Pay closer attention to your life.  For all of you letting your life flash by you...think about what happens when that spinning wheel slows to a creeping wheel.  When you look back will you remember all those important things?  That would be like a lost chopstick in your bed, kissing boo boos so they don't hurt as much and listening to a "many times told" story from a parent or grandparent.  When they aren't here anymore, you'll wish you listened better.

3.We are all tired.  Get over it.  Get moving. Get something done!  You can lay on the couch when you get your knee replacement, until that time...only rest on snow days and thunderstorms. 

4. Cook something once a week that you never have made before.  We all get in food trunches.  they are hard to get out of and they don't stimulate your palate, your plate nor your conversations.  Get cookin!

5. Stop kicking yourself for dumb things you've done and forgive yourself and move on.  Holding on to bad things, be it memories,thoughts or actions, will only lead to more of the same. 

6.  When your child, friend, or love tell you something noteworthy, take note.  Slwo down whatever is going on and listen to them, acknowledge their words and let them sink in.  You won't believe how much good comes from doing that.

7.  Be more confrontational.  If this is some thing you are not good at doing, work on it.  It's not easy and it's not supposed to be.  Just think...Deal with it, Be done with it and move on!  Seriously, I suck at this but I have been working on it and it makes a difference. 

8. My mom had a hot pad or an apron that said...There is no dress rehersal...This is it!  I  like that.  Everything is going so fast.  I'm having a hard time believing that so much has already happened in my short life.  I just want to make sure I am not taking it for granted or missing it.  Every now and then you have to clean the windows in you soul and make sure you like what you see.  Just do step at a time.

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