Thursday, April 15, 2010

The new "diaper bag"

 In the beginning, I loved my diaper bags.  They were organized , stylish and really helped me take what I needed to have for the kids.  Everything had it's place and it was all stacked, folded, creased just like it was supposed to be and then ... well you know... it got old.  It seemed like a huge weight on my shoulder.  I felt like instead of two children I had three or four with all the stuff I transported.  I was a human transporter. 

The day I stopped carrying the bag was met with trepidation.  It felt wonderful to have my shoulder back.  I felt free as a bird with my arms allowed to flap in the wind...then I realized I needed something that was inside the bag.  Wha Wha Wha.  Today, with my children long out of the house, I had to take two trips to the car for an overnight (one night) work trip.  Cherie...we know you aren't a clothes horse... what could you possibly have that required two trips?  Okay, I'll tell you.

1. My laptop and the plug in the laptop bag.
2. My palm pre and it's charger
3. My DS
4. My digital camera
5. All my diabetes tools
6. My purse
7. Some work files, folders and worksheets
8. My ipod and charger
9. A bag of goodies for my daughter
10. An overnight bag, with a makeup bag inside it

I'm sure I'm leaving something out but what the @#&*?  This is out of control.  But what should I have left behind?  I used everything I listed.  I needed everything I listed.  I am seriously going back to the 40's and I'm going to demand that you go with me! 

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