Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's your policy?

There is a Liberty Mutual Commercial  on the television that haunts me.  The music  lulls me into a state of mind where I'm sure I could be brainwashed and then it begins... A man walks by a woman pushing a stroller and the baby drops a toy, the man pickes it up and places it back in the stroller...a passer by sees him put it in the stroller and next  you see her pushing a mans coffee cup into the center of the table so it doesn't fall off and someone sees her doing that and then it pans to them and they are doing something nice for someone they don't know. 
           I just feel like this could be big if we let it be.  I understand Pay it Forward... I get the concept but I feel like it's just talked about and not done.  So, last week I was getting off an exit on the expressway and moments before I got off, a car in front of me lost control and spun into the side embankment.  From my original perspective, it didn't look too bad.  I thought of the commercial, I got out of my car and walked to the car jammed into the embankment.  A girl was in the car crying and I saw that she was not going to be able to drive out of this.  There was extensive damage on the driver side so I asked if she was all right.  She was crying but said that she was fine.  She had a bad morning and was crying and driving and that's how she spun off the road.  I asked if I could help her get out of the car and if she needed me to get my phone to call the police or an ambulance?  Again she said that someone was coming to help her and the police would be there soon.  I looked up and saw the police and her boyfriend pulled up behind me. 

I tell you none of this to stroke myself.  Seriously, I didn't do anything...but people drove by.  I am willing to say at least 10 cars drove by without stopping or getting out to help, but all of them rubbernecked. I saw them seeing me.  I did this because of that commerical.  I've driven past accidents in the past and never once thought about getting out of my car.  I wanted people to see someone doing something for someone they didn't know with no expectations of anything in return and then that would coax or gently nudge them to do something for some one they didn't know.  I must say that I felt so much better about myself that day too.  And really... I did NOTHING but get out of my car and inquire.  It took 10 minutes out of my morning.  I am planning on doing this every single time I see a situation that could use some backup. 

When people do the right thing, they call it responsible... are you?

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