Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Have a seat...

I've been giving some thought to:
1. Painting every wall in my house white.
2. Planning a trip to somewhere with water as far as the eyes can see.
3. Planting a victory garden.
4. Getting another gentle "No thank you" to my singing career.
5. Seeing how long I can go without buying anything but food and upkeep stuff (ie: toothpaste, laundry soap, you get the idea)
6. Having a mommy drink every evening and seeing if that changes anything.
7. Natalie Merchant's song Beloved Wife
8. Sorting out a Top 100 Best Songs - Picked by "Queen Cherie"
9. From now on refering to my son as "Young Thomas"...(that really made me laugh.)
10. My final dinner party guestlist...
11. Could you prove that I didn't date Thomas Jefferson back in the day when he was friends with John Adams? Didn't think so... so there, I used to date Thomas Jefferson.
What have you been thinking about?

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