Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where ya going?

Somehow it seems like I just can't slow it down...no matter how hard I try. I still have one foot firmly planted in 2008 and I have the other planted in the "post-holiday- blues" . My holiday blues don't come from holiday regrets (I've got none) nor do they come from soon to post credit card bills (I've got none) they come from not staying long enough.

At this point in my life you'd think I'd have figured out how to make these days last and squeeze every drop out of them... hasn't happened. I think that I'm going to make a new game plan for enjoying the holidays.
Let's work through this...
To start with, I'd have to come up with what it is that I'm really looking for... is it more time with family? More laughs per day? More gifts? (yeah ... that's a keeper) More celebrating? What exactly am I looking for? Is anyone else looking for it too? I can't be alone in this.

2009 New Holiday Game Plan

1. Start Earlier - the day after Thanksgiving should be when it starts... every thing that is "Holiday-ish" should be up and ready and by that I mean all ready up and on display, not pulling it all down and spending the entire weekend getting the displays ready.
2. Make Holiday Plans for every other day on a Special Holiday Calendar - print off a nice December "Month at a Glance" and fill in everything and work back from there. Fill in the actual Family Days,cookie baking, candy making and friend shopping days and then invite people over for a special neighbor cocktail evening or card swapping afternoon. Make up stuff and then tell people they have to come because they committed themselves a few months back.
3. Use the holiday dishes more than twice - self explanatory.
4. Do at least 3 things you used to do as a child - examples would be to drive in neighborhoods in the evening and look at their lights,visit toy land, get my picture taken with Santa. (that's a must do)
5. Stop talking about doing things with other people and do them!
6. Do things that seem like things they'd do in holiday movies. - Outdoor ice skating, kissing in the snow, putting a gift on a tree in the yard.

This seems like a good start... I know it's making me sleepy now. I'll come back with fresh ideas and we'll watch this grow...sounds like a plan.

Here's your hat, what's your hurry?

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