Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alone again...naturally

Well, they have gone back to school, the snow couldn't keep them here, the car breaking down didn't keep them here, the dog looking deep in their eyes and giving a heavy sigh didn't work either.
I continue to amaze myself with the rollercoaster of emotions I have with their comings and goings. A month out I was thinking about their visit with a bit of comes the laundry, the ranch dressing left out on the counter, 44 bobby pins scattered around the the time got closer I began to get more excited and dinners, laughing with them at their dad's crazyness, long discussions about anything...
While they're home so many things happen that I never planned on... times I didn't think about ... just getting to give them a kiss, a big hug, covering them up when they fall asleep on the couch (a favorite treat.)
Today, the last one left to go back to school and the hum of the house is quiet...and the dog is sad and I once again am lost. I am wondering when or if I will ever get over the feeling of being left behind when they leave.
I can't recall when the fog lifts and I know it does but I hope it comes sooner rather than later. The house is too quiet. The laundry is all done and my band has disbanded....wahhhhhhhhhhh.

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