Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello Yes, it's been a while, not much... how 'bout you?

Okay...I've got nothing.
No good excuses
No good explanations
No good reasons...why I've been gone so long, other than to say...I dropped out for a wee bit. : )
It's been before Christmas since I've last blogged.  The holidays took me over the edge. So we're going to start fresh and new, just like SPRING...

This is the new SPRING!
Okay... it's not quite like this outside as I write this but this snap is only 3 weeks old and it's April 27th!!!
So kids... buckle up... it's going to be a BuMPy ride!
I'm giving you the "Nutshell" version of the last 5 months. (Can that be right??? 5 months???)

Well, here we go...

Without adieu, I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Chatreau-Grifo family...

As you might have guessed... She was a Christmas present.  She's a Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel and she is the sweetest thing.  To share just a few of the "sweetest" things she's eaten so far...
  1. My Coach Purse
  2. 4 pairs of my Shoes
  3. 3 Wood handled screwdrivers
  4. My iPad cover
  5. 2 area rugs
  6. The bottom flap of a new chair
  7. 2 iPhone cords
  8. 1 Wooden Salad Bowl
  9. Countless pairs of my undergarments...seriously, I lost track!
  10. The cord on the vacuum cleaner - completely separated it.
This is just a small sample of her greatness and abilities... the worse part is... you can't get mad at her because she is so stinking cute... here's a few more snaps...
Soooo as all new parents are consumed with their new baby, we are no different.  We giggle at each head turn, we talk about her latest poop style, we stop everything to kiss her and squeeze her as hard as she'll allow.  It's L-O-V-E folks!  No doubt about it.

On that note... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
 We've decided that even though the rooms aren't done... that won't stop us from living in them as if they were!  We had 4 beautiful trees this year and even though the pictures of the village were lost in my phone break down, I still found some of the trees... at least some of them.

 For the first time, I had an 8' Christmas Tree with room at the top and it was sitting on a stand that was 3'!!!

 Even decorated the mantel... and had fires in the fireplace...

Here's a great snap of Olive and my granddog, Maeby!!! 
Okay....enough dog talk... well, at least for now.  

 Here we have the diningroom tree and the mantel in the diningroom... the Charlie Brown tree didn't count as one of the official 4 trees...but it sure is cute!

Got an unbelievably gorgeous Chandelier  

 from Blake and Steve It's crystal and it is a SHOW STOPPER!!!
I still shake my head at the friends I have and their willingness to help, give, share and just indulge me with their goodness...
Life is so funny that way... I am thankful and I am full of thanks.
Jealous much?  LOL

... with the coldest, snowiest, yuckiest weather on record!!!
and... after 18 years with The Arthritis Foundation, I took a new job with Make-A-Wish!!! So I am working with actual people now and when I ask questions, I'm not answering myself, other people talk to me!  It's amazing!!! By the way, it's World Wish Day and you should donate your airline miles or $$$$ to MAKE-A-WISH... and do it now!  (Tell 'em Cherie sent you)

I digress...So in your spare time Cherie, what have you been doing?  Glad you asked... here's a smidgen of what's going on with Martha...
  1. Miles Bedroom is, for the most part, done. (pictures to come)
  2. I have a laundry room where I can actually do our Laundry and after 6 months at the Laundry Mat, I still tear up when I can put clothes in the washer without putting them in the car first!  (This will be it's own story in a few days)
  3. The main floor bathroom is moving along.  I've tiled the floor and the walls are ready for tile this weekend and then we just have to install the new toilet and sink and all the accouterments and it's done
  4. The Back-Kitchen will be done in the next two weeks... I'm hoping...
  5. The Pots and Pans Room, which WAS going to be George's office has changed and it will now become the China Room...due to a slight addiction/problem/concern that Cherie has...otherwise we'd need to build on an addition and that seems crazy in a house with 22 rooms in it already!
  6.  We ripped up the last bit of carpet ... the main stair case... and still need to remove the nails, staples and screws (yes, I said screws) up but it's WAY better with that nastiness gone!!!
  7. Bill Howell, the Wandering Troubadour, came back down and installed our beautiful banquette seat that he made out of some lovely oak with plug and all for the back kitchen.
  8. Nancy and I took a road trip to "almost New York" for an estate sale!!! Drove there on a sunny Friday after work and came home on Saturday!  We did the trip in 24 hours!  It was AWESOME
  9. My phone, our computer and a water pipe all broke in late December, early January... so I have a new phone number, a borrowed computer (thanks Blake) and new basement water pipes...
  10. The radiator in front of the "found" bathroom door has been moved out of the way and into the back kitchen so you can access the bathroom.
  11. We've been so lucky to have so many friends and family stop in to see us and meet Martha over the past few months and have enjoyed each and every visit! Everyone has been so gracious to act like they don't see the holes in the ceiling and cracks in the walls and the DUST... oh the DUST and just love Martha for her possibilities.... Thank You...Thank You... Thank You.
So I'll close this blog with some snaps, act like I never took the break and we'll move right along...

This was how it looked  BEFORE...(I wonder if this was dirty?)

This is the AFTER...not done but you can see the difference...
This is one side of the "Back Kitchen"... raised floor, new shelf wall made from the bead board we took off the walls in the butler's pantry.  I wanted a shelf for the herbs and tender flowers and this room gets great afternoon/evening sun. I can't wait to get this finished!!!

Stairs with carpet... sideways... don't ask
Stairs without carpet... sideways... again, don't ask : )

Main Floor Bath... You can see the radiator in front of the the door... and the floor

Here you can see the radiator is GONE and the Penny Round tile is in!!!

 This is the now famous... "Almost New York" trip...
 No one does a 24 hour Estate Sale Road Trip like Cherie and Nancy!!! WE RULE IT!!!
Hater's gonna Hate... but we don't negotiate!!!

The Toledo Mom's head down to Cbus to see the Columbus Daughters...Great way to spend a Sunday!

Had a wonderful Easter with our wonderful neighbors...Dave and Kevin and Miss Nancy! Go ahead and hate on my dish selection for the Easter table... Green is a nasty color on you!
Gathered with my sister and brother to celebrate my cousins life!  We are one less in the Cunningham family and that breaks my heart for so many unsaid reasons...but so good to touch my brother!!!

And last but not least... I've got the greatest kids... silly like their father and smart like their mother!!!
So this was a very different blog post... but it was a blog post... so you can stop sending worried notes, and texts and emails... It's all good here at Martha.  I'm falling into a new happy with my new job and I miss you madly.  I promise to be better with my updates and hope this finds you happy and living your path.
Peace my faithful companions...

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