Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time for Dinner!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving... well, it is less than 2 weeks away... and I'm trying to think through all the cooking processes and what to have when and how we're going to do this and that and where will everyone sit and on and on and it hit me! It hit me like a slug from my sister... THIS WILL BE THE BEST THANKSGIVING TO DATE BECAUSE I AM TRULY, DEEP DOWN IN MY SOUL, ALMOST OUT OF CONTROL ...THANKFUL! We aren't having a ton of people, to my most recent count it's only 8 for dinner and 14 after and I don't have a "kitchen" or a stove or oven but I'm not worried... Do you know what I DO have?  I have friends and family that I am just crazy nuts about... I have a husband that is "on board" with my crazy dream here...and I have Martha and she is continues to amaze me with her willingness to bend and change and stay rigid where she needs to... (I also have a liquor store near by, it's only a block away) so I'm covered!
Dining room update...

Miles came home for a weekend...just to help us with Martha!  OMG, how many kids would do that?  Not many... we just happen to have a really really cool son that was willing to sand the corners of the dining room floor and MORE!  So the floor was stripped and then sanded and then cleaned and then we went to town with 2 different stains... well, you know we are sorta
It's not a fun job...and I'm thankful that someone else got to enjoy doing this for a while.

So here it is with all the stain and the sealer and all the rest of the stuff on it...

The walls get two colors... one wall is going to be Swiss Chocolate - BROWN and the other 3 are painted Williamsburg Sand - sorta soft, light brown.

This is the old color...sorta worn out beige... Moving on to the fireplace... the mantel was removed...I don't know who removed it or how long it's been gone but I do believe it is now for sale at a store downtown, which makes me really sad and even more sad because it's $1800.00 so that won't be happening!  I will come up with something else...but I'm going to paint it for some POP in the room... as if the chocolate room isn't enough!  HA.  
Oh wait... look... I found one!  It's not the original one but it works and I LOVE it!

We need to do a little tweaking but it works!!!
So here is the rest of the room... and that's right... IT'S DONE! 

 Before... I love the window in the middle... it's absolutely charming and for reference, the top of the window is at 8' and the bottom is at 6' from the floor and it's 6' long...and leaded glass.
 After...Now it's ready for dinning. I'm not sure why it's so hard to get accurate snaps in this room but I've tried in the daylight and in the evening and they never turn out exactly how it looks but I think you're getting the idea.

Before and After...
The cabinet looks amazing with all my accouterments and I installed a light to shine down over the glass shelves... happy!  

My favorite view...the china cabinet with my Johnson Brothers Friendly Village Collection.  I have more to show you but George wants breakfast!  Hope all is well with you and yours and that you find your plans for the upcoming holidays coming together.  So much to be thankful for.  Peace.
Cherie and Martha

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