Monday, September 16, 2013

You've GOT to be Kidding me!!!

Well, as we say in the Project Manager business... never NEVER expect things to turn out when you think or how you think they will because it'll only drive you crazy!  Guess What?  I'm already there so I've got no worries.  Where were we last post??? Did I have hair then?  I might have but now that I've pulled each and every one out, it's hard to remember.  Before I go on ranting and rambling I will put out this disclaimer... I KNOW, I KNOW...NO ONE SAID THIS WOULD BE EASY OR QUICK OR WOULD WORK OUT PERFECTLY!!!  But I just thought it wouldn't be so crazy hard.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaa!  Okay, now that's out of the way, let me update you.  I'm updating you from a local Starbucks where I'm having lunch because...well, when they installed the internet service at Martha, they didn't mention it would be so slow that I would time out on every single piece of mail that I tried to open or that I wouldn't be able to download/upload anything because it, of course, would time out.  They also failed to understand that I DID NOT want the cable and internet turned off at Harvard... oh no... this was a separate order.  So now I have no internet... no cable... no phone line... Oh wait, I do have internet at just is so slow it doesn't work.  That's so sweet.  ATT better get on the ball and put a box closer to Martha...I don't think they understand that I will call each and every day and make their lives a living hell, and I will blog about how poor the service is until they resolve this!  Oh the wrath of a woman with slow internet.

Meanwhile, let's review what's been going on since our last meeting.  Changes have come in big, rapid waves and at the same time it doesn't look like so much... at least not in the snaps...but I'll get you what you want... real info on real changes!   LOL... I know that's what you want, right?  I just heard someone say..."No Cherie!" C'mon!!!!  So here's a list of the most recent changes...

  1. The Mini-Bar Room is almost DONE!
  2. The Living Room, Dining Room, Library, Kitchen, Butler's Pantry, Our Bedroom, Madison's Bedroom, Upstairs hallway and Miles Bedroom are all SANDED!  
  3. The cabinets for the butler's pantry are here and being put together...waiting for the sink to get delivered!
  4. The new ceiling in the butler's pantry is done and the new light and wiring for that is DONE!
  5. I've pulled out all my hair and I look no worse for the wear.
  6. The ceiling in Madison's bedroom has been completely ripped down to the joists.
  7. The roof repair worked over the last rain storm...fingers crossed for this to continue!
  8. I'm still not pregnant.
  9. I still am being pulled away from whatever I'm working on by shiny things I see to work on instead.
  10. I'm ANGRY with ATT.
Now for some snaps... to really seal this list!

Look at that CEILING!!!  It's going to be awesome when it gets insulation and drywall! Just imagine...because about now, that's all you can do!  LOL... LOL... I'm killing myself. 
Now let's see some snaps of that Mini-bar area... to explain...this is the area between the LOUNGE and our bedroom... it was a closet that had 2 doors (of course it did... they loved to put openings and doorways in every room) It measures 48" x 60" and I found a cabinet that was the exact opening for the inset area and redid the shelf area because it was CrAZy!!!  So you can now get up from the couch and saunter over to the Mini-Bar area and get yourself a refreshing beverage from the wine frig or a cup of coffee, plus there is a snack drawer and you can purchase snacks and go back to lounging or back to bed without going downstairs!  I'll put up a price sheet for the items as soon as I figure out how to reconnect my printer, wirelessly.  UGH.

Okay, so the cabinet didn't come with top drawers, so I'm just making a couple of false fronts and attaching them...but the counter top looks good and the walls look good, need a few more pieces of trim up and we are in BUSINESS!  
I'll try to get more up tonight but I've got to get back to work and I'm going to see if Martha has internet yet so I can work from my office...
Hang in there... I am.
Thanks for checking in on us!

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It makes me so tired just watching you do all this work. do you need any help with your real job. I am a good volunteer. I am on my own right now with support group, but I could help you. I am experienced you know. You could give me something to help you out. Except ask for stuff...never have been good at that. let me know. We missed you last night