Friday, February 25, 2011

Attention to the Details

So here I am...if you asked me if I am a "detail person" I'd immediately respond YES!  As an interior designer you have to be.  Okay...that made me laugh really hard. As a person who fancies herself as an interior much.  I'm not an interior designer but I do fancy myself as a certain kind of interior designer way...details RULE.  I try to make sure I notice the little things because I think that the little things are the BIG things.  I try to make sure that I notice a friends new hair style or a new outfit, any new changes and complement them.  I think it's important to notice things... so to tell you what's been going on with me lately is just a not an understatement.  I need some help and I need get back in the game.
Here are just a few samples of what been going on with me...
1- I have a dust know, the old fashioned kind with the cotton loops that collect dust bunnies under the bed.  I know you aren't supposed to spray Pledge on them and dust the wood floors because it makes them too slippery, but the only way I can really grab those dust clumps is to use it.  So, the other day I was upstairs and grabbed the familiar old orange Pledge can and sprayed the bottom of the mop only to realize that I had picked up my son's shaving cream and now the dust mop is covered with a white foam that is growing and plopping on the floor!   Hey it's the same size can and it's orange! 
2 - I love to treat myself to mentos - The FRESH MAKER! you can imagine how excited I was to see that they now come in a cool plastic box.  I'm thinking that that is so they won't fall directly out of the roll into the bottom of my purse because I accidentally ripped the roll too far down.  I bite into one and it's different.  It's more chewy and not as minty... I figure I've gotten a bad one so I bite into another one.  Now I am chewing and chewing and chewing...Hey, this is gum!  What the heck?  I look at the box and there, smack dab in the middle, is "Mentos Gum" I'm losing my mind.
3- Don't hate on me, but I buy some cheap shampoo and conditioner sets.  I like my Garnier Fructis.  It smells yummy and I like the orange bottles.  Usually I run out of shampoo before I run out of conditioner so I buy them separately.  I recently had to buy a bottle of conditioner.  The conditioner comes out of the bottom of the bottle and the shampoo, out of the top. I had the right one.  Wash my hair for about a week, yes, daily, and start to notice that my hair is hard to comb when I get out of the shower. So I'm thinking that the conditioner isn't working very well.  In the shower again...and I notice that the conditioner gets foamy and it doesn't really come out  smooth.  Again, I've been using this for over a when I get out of the shower, I get my glasses and read the label..... CONDITIONING SHAMPOO.  Let me share this tid bit with you...conditioning shampoo does not work like conditioner!  Ugh!
4 - Having dinner with the husband at a local watering hole... we've been here 50 times.  I haven't gone the bathroom every time we've been there but at least half  of the after a libation or two, I have to excuse myself and go to the ladies room.  I come to the door and go to push it in and the person on the other side of the door pulls and  I step back a bit to let her come out and it's a guy.  I was a bit taken aback  and might have shook my head a bit, maybe I rolled my eyes...MEN!  As I continue to go in, I think to, they redid this and then to my shock and horror I realize that there are no stalls...just urinals!  I walked right past the women's bathroom and placed myself into the men's room.  Now I have to open the door and walk out and this time there is a guy on the other side.  Does he roll his eyes and groan?  No, he sorta giggled and shook his head up and down like he knew the secret.  I'm such a dope! 
5 - My kids love to tease me that I have, on occasion, accused them of selling something or trading something because I can't find it.  Okay, not a perfect parent.  I admit it...but come on, you spend lots of money to get them what they want and then all of a sudden they don't have it anymore.  Where'd it go?  It just disappeared?  I don't think so.  Did you sell it?  Because I have taken so much ribbing for this past discretion, I now really have to bite my tongue when I can't find this Christmas I searched the house high and low to find the Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass Christmas Album. My sister gave it to me.  It has huge memories attached and it reminds me of happy times in my childhood family home. I opened every CD case.  I looked in computer areas, thinking I could have listened to it there.  No luck.  I didn't accuse anyone of selling it because I didn't think anyone would buy that ...but it really did cross my mind.  Tonight, while fixing dinner, I thought that I'd play a CD in my under-the-counter TV/DVD/CD player.  I opened the CD player and out slid the Herb Albert Christmas CD.  Uuuuhhhmmmm. It has been in there since last year 2009 Christmas. 

I'm going to stop here because I don't want to bore you any longer and I'm sure you're getting the picture.  Tell me, what's a girl to do?  For someone who is so detailed oriented, I'm really missing the details.  Got any suggestions?  Does anyone have the Austin Powers Soundtrack?  Miles, did you sell it?

Peace out my detailers...til I can't find something again.

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