Thursday, February 24, 2011

and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Okay, here's the deal...I'm going to rant and if you can't take it or aren't in the mood...
Stop HERE!
This is what happens when you're snow bound.  I'm not going to complain about the snow again or the lack of shoveling.  There's too much ice to shovel and the salt isn't melting it. We're expecting another round of ice/snow tomorrow and we live in Ohio...comes with the territory.  What I can't take are a few of the following.  Fasten your seat belt, it's gonna get bumpy.

1. Power and Greed - The Governor of Wisconsin is WRONG and he needs to back down.  The teachers have agreed to the pay cuts and the increase in insurance premiums.  Now you want to take away Collective Bargaining.  Ask yourself why?  They gave in, they bowed to your wishes.  They see that EVERYONE needs to help work on getting the budget balanced.  What are you giving up Governor? What is his motive to not give in?  Is he that "powerful" and needs to make sure everyone knows it?  He's gonna show them who's boss?  No.  He doesn't want there to be any Democrats with any muscle anywhere.  I'm not pro union.  I've never been in a union but I do know that they serve a purpose.  There has to be a balance.  We live in America and because of that, the people do get to have some say and input in what happens to us.  I know it's better for the Koch brothers if we don't but it's not all about them.  For the Love! Stay Strong Wisconsin-ites!
2. Idiots - At some point this was going to have to come out but I've tried so hard to keep it down... I have no problem with people having their religion.  I don't care what kind of religion you have or believe in.  Again, we are in America, where we are free to choose our religion or not.  What you are not free to do... is to put that judge's robe on and explain how the jury's going to rule.  When you add being an idiot to the mix, someone needs to stop you... the following was actually a response to a post someone put on their facebook status about some Oprah show...about parents letting their male child live as a female or vise versa, not sure on that... " ... its more than un-involved patenting Oprah don,t believe in the same God we do that is strictley satins work"  My first thought was to ask "What's wrong with cotton, or spandex or rayon."  I'm not a fan of satin sheets, you just slide off and then I realized he meant "Satan".  OOOOhhhhh. Ignoring the all the typo's and incorrect words - patenting?  Was someone trying to be in an un-involved patenting process?  By saying "Oprah don't believe in the same God we do"..., he is saying that there's more than one he's a Hindu?   Hmmmmm.  Listen up!  Your religion is for you.  Doesn't mean you're right...doesn't mean you're wrong..."Oprah is working with Satan" is such a ridiculous statement, it just proves you're an idiot. That's not a judgement, that's a fact. I'm so tired of all these kinds of statements...  It is not okay to spread hate via your ignorance.
3. Gay Issue - You know what, if you're happy being straight.  Stay that way.  If you're happy being gay.  Stay that way. If you're in the middle and go both ways...Go for it!  Unless you want people coming in your bedroom and judging what you do, it's none of your business!  Being gay is not an illness, it's not a sickness, it's not something you can cure...It's just the way you are and as the religous right is so fond of saying... God doesn't make mistakes.  You know that you are what you if you're straight, God made you that way...and if you're gay, God made you that way!  Take the robe off and Stop Hating!
4. Idea - I have a great idea...why doesn't everyone just judge themselves?  Keep yourself the best you know you can be.  Work on it when you aren't.  Constantly check yourself, judge yourself, make sure YOU are doing good and make sure that you aren't letting yourself down.  What a concept.

Peace out...It's ON!

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Katlyn Lewis said...

Totally agree! Education is the last place where the government should be cutting funds, in fact it should be the first to receive more. As you say there are already enough idiots running around, let NOT add to that number. Being able to have the opportunity to learn and educate yourself is one of the things that make this country so great. It's a shame that they're only thinking of their bottom line. Idiots!!

I especially like your last statement about judging only yourself. I think everyone could do a little more of that. Its so easy to focus on other people's faults, rather than your own. I strive to be more like that, learning how to focus on me, and less on others.

As always, loved this one! They always get my mind moving! Can't wait for the next!