Friday, January 28, 2011

Whine with wine! Perfect.

On the lighter side... What small, little, things are bothering me? I'll stay away from raging about people who still don't understand the word MERGE...and I will focus on 3 commercials that need to go away...NOW. I would also like to preface with the following, (and my kids will back me up on this) I've been YIPPING about these commercials for months!

1. The "Shake Weight" - Seriously, you only have to see this commercial one time and you're immediately in the gutter. What this commercial is showing you is how to perform something that is not usually associated with arm strengthening. OMG...please, please, please stop showing this commercial. It's even more disturbing on the guy version. It's almost like saying "Here Women, this is how you do it!" When my mother-in-law was here for the holidays, I was praying that it wouldn't come on for fear that I'd have to jump in front of screen and point to the ceiling and shout "LOOK...A BIRD...IN THE HOUSE!" I am not embarrassed easily but this leaves me uncomfortable and quite frankly, I don't need a primer on this subject.

2.  The "Trojan Tri-phoria"...okay are you nervous?  The first time I saw this commercial I didn't know what to do.  Seriously, I sat there...looked at the tv, picked up the clicker and pushed to see what I was watching.  Was that a commercial for a vibrator?  On tv?  Was it serious or was it a Saturday Night Live commercial?   I laughed at the girls hair...all "blown" back...but the fiance that smacks the counter and squeals "SSSwwewewewttt!" has got to go!  Is this something we really need to see on tv?  Hmmmm.  If my "Fiance smacked our counter and said that guy does...he would not longer have to think about using that massager with me.  He wouldn't be my fiance either. Enough said.
3. Disclaimer - My eyesight is not what it used to be.  It's rapidly declining rapidly.  That said, I can see far away distances just fine thank you.  Our living room tv is 50"...that is ginormous!  But when Maybelline says that their new Falsies Volum' Express makes your real lashes look like Falsies...and show you girls supposedly wearing this "corner to corner eyelash drama"...what they are showing you is girls wearing false eyelashes.  I'm 49.  I've tried almost every mascara on the market.  I also wear false eyelashes for fun times!  Ladies...this Volum' Express mascara drives you directly to the cosmetic counter for FALSE LASHES. The lashes in that commercial are so fake that they may even have two pairs of lashes on each eye!  You know, you really can't lie that big and think we are so gullible that we'll buy that mascara and yet, I fear girls are doing just that.  Come on!
So it was just a small rant. Actually not even a rant, just a wee runt.  LOL. That was a good one.
What commercials are driving you nuts?  Come on, I'd love to hear about them.
Peace out Wilbur.  Let's runt!


Katlyn said...

Hating all of the proactiv and weight loss pill commercials!! Ughh

Anonymous said...

To be honest, the "Jiggle Weight" seems to really work! The commercial says that it it has to right...? I can currently afford to by the "jiggle" weight trainer so I've made my own version using a two foot greased axel rod with Hex nuts glued to each end. I've added a water filled baloon to the center and tied it with a rubberband and although the baloon has broken every time I've used it, the time it takes to clean up the water, and the energy I've used have taken off 10 pounds! I'm slimmer and more handsome than I've ever been! They MUST have something there!
Wet and getting skinny! in Missouri